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Mann Fakiraa song 'Ghari Gondhal': Euphoric family members welcome newlyweds Sayali Sanjeev and Suvrat Joshi

The song has vibrant, foot-tapping music by Soumil-Siddharth and has been performed with verve by a...

20 Feb 2020 23:10 IST — Suyog Zore

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Siddharth Badve to make acting debut with Hollywood film Escape from Black Water

He has worked as an assistant director on films like Machine (2017) and Hrudayantar (2017)....

20 Feb 2020 14:57 IST — Our Correspondent

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Bonus trailer: Gashmeer Mahajani struggles to live up to challenge

The film deals with the contrasting lifestyles of the rich and poor in Indian...

19 Feb 2020 22:00 IST — Suyog Zore

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Eeb Allay Ooo, Sthalpuran, Laila Aur Satt Geet to represent India at 70th Berlinale 

Ekta Mittal's short documentary Gumnaam Din to also be screened at festival. ...

19 Feb 2020 21:00 IST — Our Correspondent

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Kesari song 'Tu Chal Ra Mana': Now a training anthem in Marathi

The song accompanies a training montage of Virat Madake, whose character aspires to win the Kesari...

19 Feb 2020 17:44 IST — Suyog Zore

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On Shivaji Jayanti, Nagraj Manjule announces trilogy on the Maratha warrior-king

Actor Riteish Deshmukh and music composers Ajay-Atul are also part of the project. There is no yet...

19 Feb 2020 15:12 IST — Our Correspondent

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Vajvuya Band Baja teaser: Comic drama about three brothers and their search for brides

It hints at being a hilarious situational comedy, but fails to evoke much laughter....

18 Feb 2020 19:16 IST — Suyog Zore

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Mann Fakiraa trailer: Suvrat Joshi is torn between his wife and his ex-girlfriend

The trailer suggests that the film will focus on the complications in relationships between two...

17 Feb 2020 23:00 IST — Suyog Zore

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Lokesh Gupte announces his next film Runanubandh 

The film will be produced by Anirban Sarkar, Swapnil Potdar and Mahesh Jaurkar. They had earlier the...

17 Feb 2020 19:44 IST — Suyog Zore

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Ashleel Udyog Mitra Mandal trailer: An intriguing coming-of-age saga 

The film sees Sai Tamhankar play the popular adult Hindi comic character of Savita Bhabhi. ...

17 Feb 2020 13:12 IST — Keyur Seta

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Film critic Anupama Chopra announces second edition of Critics' Choice Film Awards

Chopra, who is also the chairperson of the Film Critics Guild, revealed that awards will be handed...

14 Feb 2020 18:20 IST — Our Correspondent

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Ashleel Udyog Mitra Mandal teaser: Sai Tamhankar's character generates intrigue and mystery

The film, which is due for release on 6 March, deals with the taboo subject of sexuality ...

14 Feb 2020 15:45 IST — Keyur Seta

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Kesari trailer: Virat Madake steps into the ring to prove his worth as a wrestler

Sujay Dahake's film seems to carry all the tropes of a typical sports drama. ...

14 Feb 2020 13:00 IST — Suyog Zore

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Ibhrat song 'Mi Bavari Bavari': Shilpa Thakre enjoys the beauty of nature

Bela Shende's soothing voice makes this song worth listening  ...

13 Feb 2020 14:00 IST — Suyog Zore

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Mann Fakiraa title song: Suvrat Joshi, Anjali Patil, Sayali Sanjeev, Ankit Mohan enjoy togetherness

Actress Mrunmayee Deshpande makes her debut as writer and director with this film....

13 Feb 2020 12:30 IST — Keyur Seta

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Panghrun teaser: Gauri Ingawale doesn’t let her attire hinder her passion for dance

This is her first film as a lead actress after acting as a child in Kutumb (2012) and 3:56 Killari...

12 Feb 2020 13:00 IST — Keyur Seta

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Ashleel Udyog Mitra Mandal poster: Sai Tamhankar is the alluring lady in red

The film is helmed by actor-turned-director Alok Rajwade and will deal with the taboo subject of...

12 Feb 2020 12:00 IST — Suyog Zore

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Sweety Satarkar title song: Peppy track builds on Sweety's quirky persona from the teaser

The song has been sung by Nakash Aziz and Bharati Madhavi while the composition is by Santosh...

11 Feb 2020 18:54 IST — Suyog Zore

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Basta song 'Ful Zultya Yelicha': Akshay Tanksale, Sayali Sanjeev have a sweet romance in the fields

The romantic track is composed by Santosh Mulekar with vocals by Ajay Gogavale and Dipali Sathe....

11 Feb 2020 16:00 IST — Suyog Zore

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Was difficult to believe Sthalpuran was selected for Berlin International Film Festival, says director Akshay Indikar

The film stars newcomers Neel Deshmukh (Dighu) and Anushree Wani in the role of a child and his...

11 Feb 2020 12:30 IST — Keyur Seta