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Aapdi Thaapdi teaser: Shreyas Talpade plays a miser in this light-hearted saga

Directed by first-time filmmaker Anand Karir, the film also stars Mukta Barve, Sandeep Pathak and Nandu Madhav in pivotal roles. 

Shreyas Talpade in Aapdi Thaapdi

Keyur Seta

Shreyas Talpade has played quite a few characters with a comical touch over the years in Hindi and Marathi cinema. Although there is a tinge of humour in his character in first-time director Anand Karir’s Aapdi Thaapdi (2022) as well; it is quite different from what he has played so far. 

The actor plays Sakharam Patil, who stays with his wife Parvati (Mukta Barve) and daughter Tulsi aka Mau (Khushi Hajare), in a picturesque village. Patil is a purehearted man, but his miserly nature grates on Parvati and his close friend (Sandeep Pathak), who also plays the narrator. 

Sakharam’s negative point isn’t shown in a serious manner. The general mood of the film is light-hearted and, at times, celebratory. The vibrant and cosy visuals of village also play a major role in keeping the feel-good factor alive. 

Talpade easily fits into the character of Sakharam. Barve plays a wife who is generally calm, but can also lose her cool when things go out of hand.

The teaser also shows Nandu Madhav in the role of a railway ticket collector but there is no clarity on what exactly his character is and how he is related to Sakharam.

 As Sakharam's best friend and guide, Pathak fits the role perfectly.

Produced by K Silent Productions, Aapdi Thaapdi is due to be released in theatres on the festival of Dussehra on 5 October. 

Watch the teaser and let us know if you would be keen to see the movie.

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