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Guldasta review: This predictable film offers nothing to the audience

Guldasta could have been a heart-warming tale of friendships if the director and writer had focused...

23 hours ago — Roushni Sarkar

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Dracula Sir review: Technically brilliant film that offers larger-than-life experience

The film, which stars Anirban Bhattacharya, merits a visit to the theatre for the scale of its and...

22 Oct 2020 21:26 IST — Roushni Sarkar

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Doodhpither Gachh review: Bid to reintroduce rural audience to Bengali cinema hampered by flimsy storyline

The storyline suggests a lack of cohesion as the film appears to document village life rather than a...

21 Oct 2020 18:47 IST — Roushni Sarkar

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Miss Man review: Poetic yet disturbing film on search for gender identity

A multi-layered film on love, gender issues and sexuality, Miss Man is both bold and beautiful....

15 Sep 2020 17:12 IST — Roushni Sarkar

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Tiki Taka review: An energetic comedy with riots of laughter and a heartwarming tale of friendship

The film, directed by Parambrata Chatterjee,  is a purely entertaining family drama that...

11 Sep 2020 22:33 IST — Roushni Sarkar

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Tasher Ghawr review: Characterization and performance drive this film bereft of memorable cinematic moments

Swastika Mukherjee as Sujata carries this short film on her shoulders. The only other character, her...

05 Sep 2020 19:53 IST — Roushni Sarkar

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Detective review: Anirban Bhattacharya drives this purely entertaining film

Unfortunately, the film fails to explore some of its possibilities and ends up simply being the tale...

16 Aug 2020 7:30 IST — Roushni Sarkar

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Kayantar review: Poignant reflection on art, religion and gender

The thought-provoking film foregrounds the realm of art, artistic expression, desire and freedom, a...

11 Aug 2020 15:30 IST — Sukhpreet Kahlon

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BreakUp Story review: Highlights modern dynamics of relationships without much depth

Mainak Bhaumik presents a liberal outlook on relationships among Bengali youths without...

30 Jul 2020 11:17 IST — Roushni Sarkar

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Tansener Tanpura review: Unnecessarily stretched, the series fails to thrill

Joy Sarkar's semi-classical compositions are the highlight of this musical thriller directed by...

25 Jul 2020 21:30 IST — Roushni Sarkar

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Bishad Bindu review: Engaging film on blind faith and communal hatred

The short film, directed by Samrat Chakraborty, features Debesh Roy Chowdhury and Barun Chanda in...

23 Jul 2020 20:30 IST — Roushni Sarkar

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Onekta Cinema review: Journey into a mind riddled with anxieties

The short film by Arnab K Kar and Indrani Adak, features Himon Ghosh as a freelance writer, who...

14 Jul 2020 21:00 IST — Roushni Sarkar

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Mafia review: Namit Das stands out in this inconsistent but entertaining thriller series

The Zee5 web-series, directed by Birsa Dasgupta, assembles a group of friends for a reunion in the a...

13 Jul 2020 18:59 IST — Sonal Pandya

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Nirontor review: Sensitive rendition of a life lived amidst regrets, longings and realisations 

Written and directed by first-time filmmaker Chandrasish Ray, the film sees Prosenjit Chatterjee his...

29 Jun 2020 19:00 IST — Roushni Sarkar

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Lalbazaar review: Too many subplots ruin the series

Sayantan Ghosal's crime series, which explores the nexus between the police and the ganglords,...

23 Jun 2020 18:43 IST — Roushni Sarkar

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Midnight Mirror review: Preys on legitimate fears of women traveling alone at night

Directed by Debanjan Majhi, this short film featuring Trina Saha, Sharonyo Banerjee and Apratim an...

18 May 2020 18:00 IST — Roushni Sarkar

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Mangsho - The Meat review: Bold and disturbing picture of politics during the lockdown

The film is driven by powerful and spontaneous performances by the artistes....

06 May 2020 19:00 IST — Roushni Sarkar

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Ekti Tara review: Interesting concept that's needlessly prolonged by the dialogues

This lockdown short by Shieladitya Moulik is somewhat redeemed by the twist at the end. ...

06 May 2020 16:00 IST — Roushni Sarkar

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The Confession review: Interesting take on the COVID-19 pandemic and its victims

This quarantine short reveals director Priyam Chanda's belief that unity among people can defeat...

29 Apr 2020 18:30 IST — Roushni Sarkar

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Cat Sticks review: Important film with the potential to change perspective towards drug addicts

Cat Sticks reveals an unexplored picture of a darker Kolkata, hidden under the cover of City of Joy,...

17 Apr 2020 15:30 IST — Roushni Sarkar