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Dandekar Makes A Sandwich review: Heartwarming film about old age and forging new relationships

Release Date: 2015 / 9min

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Sukhpreet Kahlon

The short, starring Brian George, is part of a virtual showcase of films made available for viewers by the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles.

Dandekar Makes A Sandwich (2015) gives us a glimpse into the life of a retiree, RK Dandekar, who goes into a local grocery store to look for the perfect ingredients to make the perfect sandwich.

On his way to finding the items that he needs, Dandekar tries out the free samples in practically all the aisles. A curmudgeon who is clearly set in his ways, he takes his own sweet time perusing things, even as other customers wait for their turn to be attended to. As he goes about his routine, he meets a saleswoman and extends a hand of friendship, in his own way.

The heartwarming short film is a musing on growing old, making us contemplate the notion of time and how it changes with age. As Dandekar scrutinizes the shelves and their contents, searching for what he wants, time slips away, but he is in no hurry, probably because he has nowhere else to be. As a senior citizen, he is set in his ways but also wishes to reach out and does so in the only way he knows.

The short film strikes a chord with a riveting performance by Brian George as Dandekar. George is known for his performance as a Pakistani restaurant owner on the popular 1990s American sitcom Seinfeld and also as the father of Raj Koothrappali on the well-known television series, The Big Bang Theory.

Directed by Leena Pendharkar, this crowdfunded film is part of a selection of films made available online from 19 June by the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles (IFFLA) as part of its programme 17 Days Celebrating 17 Years of Indian Cinema. Pendharkar’s debut feature, Raspberry Magic (2010), was also selected at an earlier edition of the festival and travelled to several others.

Click here to watch Dandekar Makes A Sandwich (and other films) on the IFFLA showcase. The showcase will be available for viewing till 5 July.


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