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Dandekar Makes A Sandwich review: Heartwarming film about old age and forging new relationships

The short, starring Brian George, is part of a virtual showcase of films made available for viewers...

28 Jun 2020 7:30 IST — Sukhpreet Kahlon

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Dots review: This experimental film holds your attention with engaging dialogues and interesting characters

Despite its short duration, Dots, directed by Shilpa Krishnan Shukla, addresses with sincerity like...

22 Jun 2020 0:08 IST — Suyog Zore

Review English (India)

What Are The Odds? review: Sweet, surreal coming-of-age journey that goes nowhere

Megha Ramaswamy's feature feels like a whimsical short story that throws up some unexpected and...

20 May 2020 21:04 IST — Shriram Iyengar

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Cinestaan Curates: Awake offers a rumination on the death of relationships

The short film by Atul Mongia is currently available for viewing as part of the MAMI Year Round...

15 May 2020 7:30 IST — Sukhpreet Kahlon

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Bala review: Satyajit Ray profiles the great Bharat Natyam dancer Balasaraswati in all her glory

The 33 minute documentary gives an apt introduction to the Indian dance form and one of its most...

04 May 2020 15:35 IST — Sonal Pandya

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The Illegal review: This story of immigrants in the US is filled with reality and hope

The film appears as real as a documentary even as it treads the feature-film route. A migrant to a...

03 May 2020 23:37 IST — Keyur Seta

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Extraction review: Chris Hemsworth-Randeep Hooda lead an action-packed explosion that's emotionally numb

While Sam Hargrave's film delivers the explosive action, it fails to put up a solid enough to of...

27 Apr 2020 13:18 IST — Shriram Iyengar

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Cinestaan Curates: Stains presents a powerful portrait of a woman in the face of tradition

In the conflict between tradition and modernity, Rhea Mathews’s film exposes the way in which...

10 Apr 2020 15:29 IST — Sukhpreet Kahlon

Review English

The Secret Life Of Frogs review: Amphibians are the unlikely heroes of this fascinating documentary

The National award-winning documentary, filmed over three years by brothers Vijay and Ajay Bedi, in...

11 Feb 2020 9:30 IST — Sonal Pandya

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Elephants Do Remember review: 93-year-old freedom fighter Rama Khandwala has lost none of her spark

The 38 minute documentary catalogues the now sedate life of Khandwala, among the last living members...

09 Feb 2020 11:00 IST — Sonal Pandya

Review English (India)

Knock Knock Knock review: Detailed characterization, compact script make this short a success

The short film has a bizarre and unexpected climax, which actually sends out a clear message that at...

05 Feb 2020 21:48 IST — Roushni Sarkar

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The Other Men In Blue review: Inspiring documentary on India’s blind cricket team

The film, co-directed by brothers Tathagat and Navagat Prakash, narrates the challenges the players...

04 Feb 2020 21:25 IST — Sonal Pandya

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Sikkim review: Snapshot of the Himalayan kingdom and a way of life gone by

The hour-long documentary, commissioned by the erstwhile king of Sikkim, shows life in the kingdom...

02 Feb 2020 11:39 IST — Sonal Pandya

Review English (India)

An Improbable Journey review: A glimpse into S Krishnaswamy's filmmaking world, by the filmmaker himself

Veteran filmmaker S Krishnaswamy has shied away from self-praise and shown glimpses of his work that...

01 Feb 2020 18:29 IST — Keyur Seta

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Dwelling In Travelling review: Wonderful account of Kolkata's Jewish community

Subha Das Mollick's documentary is an informative, fascinating look at a part of Kolkata's...

30 Jan 2020 18:01 IST — Sonal Pandya

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At The Altar Of India's Freedom: INA Veterans Of Malaysia review — Highlights the efforts of forgotten heroes

The documentary gives a voice to the heroic second- and third-generation immigrants, many in their a...

29 Jan 2020 16:49 IST — Sonal Pandya

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Across The Ocean review: Story of two women from different continents having the same goal is heartwarming

The film is shot by two filmmakers in different parts of the world without meeting each other. ...

16 Dec 2019 16:00 IST — Keyur Seta

Review English (India)

The Warrior Queen Of Jhansi review: Anglophilia is just one of the flaws of this undercooked biopic

Unconvincing performances, a jarring English narrative, and a meandering screenplay make this a...

30 Nov 2019 7:00 IST — Shriram Iyengar

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Hotel Mumbai review: Visceral experience of the terror-filled days within the Taj brought to life

Anthony Maras manages to recapture the fear, horror and sheer terror of 26/11 and layer it with and...

28 Nov 2019 21:00 IST — Shriram Iyengar

Review English (India)

Remember Amnesia review: Memory loss, a dead wife haunt an NRI doctor in India

Ravi Godse’s feature film is a confusing tale of an American man of Indian origin who returns...

23 Nov 2019 10:30 IST — Sonal Pandya