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Break In review: Fun, refreshing film that results in an unexpected rendezvous

/ 16~2020-01-01min

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Krish Kalra

The lighthearted short revolves around a young lesbian who accidentally ends up sending erotic fiction about her secret crush to the source of her inspiration.

Alyssa Lerner’s short film Break In keeps its audience engaged with its quirkiness, charm and relatability. The film focuses on Nousha (Kimia Behpoornia), who accidentally sends erotic fiction about her secret crush Melody (Sara Young Chandler) to the source of her inspiration, and how she and her friend Oliver break into the other girl's house to delete the message.

As Nousha and Oliver go about their task, a series of funny incidents take place and things spiral out of control. These events keep the audience guessing whether Nousha will succeed in her mission.

Lerner depicts youthful romance and homosexuality with humour. The friendship between Oliver and Nousha is a highlight. The two have great chemistry, becoming partners in crime. The actors have portrayed their respective characters well, nailing their comic timing. Particularly noteworthy are the performances of Behpoornia and Cat Davis as Leanne.

The music of the film is upbeat and refreshing, encapsulating the mood of the story. Overall, Break In is a heartwarming watch that keeps the viewer captivated from start to finish. It is, at its core, a clever and humorous film.

Break In won the Best Comedy Short award at the Palm Springs International ShortFest 2021.


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