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Review Hindi

Binnu Ka Sapna review: An experimental short film about the deeply embedded patriarchal mindset

Binnu Ka Sapna shows us how the patriarchal mindset and sense of entitlement of some men is passed...

22 Dec 2019 12:44 IST — Suyog Zore

Review Tamil

Thambi review: Karthi, Jyothika-starrer is a family drama elevated by solid twists

Thambi is the kind of family drama that has all the popular tropes associated with the genre but to...

22 Dec 2019 8:00 IST — Haricharan Pudipeddi

Review Tamil

Hero review: Sivakarthikeyan-starrer is a Gentleman tribute that needed more punch

PS Mithran’s Hero is the Gentleman tribute we needed and it’s a film that pretty much...

21 Dec 2019 19:00 IST — Haricharan Pudipeddi

Review Bengali

Sanjhbati review: Exhausting screenplay that fail to raise awareness about a glaring issue

The extremely tedious screenplay, with a narration of episodic descriptions of mundane life and of...

21 Dec 2019 14:00 IST — Roushni Sarkar

Review Hindi

Dabanng 3 review: This latest instalment is loud, exhausting and unoriginal

The third film in the series, directed by Prabhu Deva, tries to explain every quirky detail that the...

20 Dec 2019 14:49 IST — Sonal Pandya

Review English

Across The Ocean review: Story of two women from different continents having the same goal is heartwarming

The film is shot by two filmmakers in different parts of the world without meeting each other. ...

16 Dec 2019 16:00 IST — Keyur Seta

Review Hindi

Ek Aasha review: Delves deep into the lives of transgender community

The Mayur Kataria film solely focuses on the lives of transgender community...

16 Dec 2019 15:00 IST — Keyur Seta

Review Hindi

Mardaani 2 review: Rani Mukerji takes on a new psychopath in this riveting sequel

The actress leads the charge in a new city, against a more deranged antagonist, in the Gopi Puthran...

13 Dec 2019 14:53 IST — Sonal Pandya

Review Marathi

Senior Citizen review: Muddled, judgemental, preachy film that fails to make a mark

Ajay Phansekar's Senior Citizen lacks both a grounded story and proper focus, resulting in on...

13 Dec 2019 12:03 IST — Shriram Iyengar

Review Bengali

Sagardwipey Jawker Dhan review: An honest, if amateurish, attempt

Though the film's marketing team touted its special effects during the run-up to release, they a...

09 Dec 2019 7:00 IST — Roushni Sarkar

Review Marathi

Vicky Velingkar review: Bad copy of brilliant Hollywood thriller

Borrowing the plot of another film isn't the only problem with this Sonalee...

06 Dec 2019 19:00 IST — Keyur Seta

Review Hindi

Pati Patni Aur Woh review: Entertaining but light update of 1978 marital comedy

The romantic comedy, written and directed by Mudassar Aziz, is a showcase for male lead Kartik...

06 Dec 2019 9:00 IST — Sonal Pandya

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Review Hindi

Panipat review: Ashutosh Gowariker's epic is rich in texture and layers of history, not drama

Panipat thrives not on melodrama and hysterics but on the layering of political manoeuvring, detail...

06 Dec 2019 7:00 IST — Shriram Iyengar

Review Bengali

Bohomaan review: Weak cinematic composition that touches upon important issues

While the film has many flaws; however, if the audience sticks with patience, then it is possible to...

04 Dec 2019 14:21 IST — Roushni Sarkar

Review Bengali

Surjo Prithibir Charidike Ghore review: Watch for the philosophy and brilliant performances

Though filmmaker Arijit Biswas seems to lose his conviction in building the political allegory in by...

01 Dec 2019 7:00 IST — Roushni Sarkar

Review English (India)

The Warrior Queen Of Jhansi review: Anglophilia is just one of the flaws of this undercooked biopic

Unconvincing performances, a jarring English narrative, and a meandering screenplay make this a...

30 Nov 2019 7:00 IST — Shriram Iyengar

Review Marathi

Girlz review: Coming-of-age saga about girls and their parents

The film starring Ankita Lande, Ketaki Narayan and Anvita Phaltankar is very different from what the...

29 Nov 2019 21:24 IST — Keyur Seta

Review Hindi

Commando 3 review: Vidyut Jammwal returns as the unstoppable man on a mission in this relentless drama

There is only so much of fast cuts, bone-crunching sounds and an amped-up background score that one...

29 Nov 2019 14:03 IST — Sonal Pandya

Review English

Hotel Mumbai review: Visceral experience of the terror-filled days within the Taj brought to life

Anthony Maras manages to recapture the fear, horror and sheer terror of 26/11 and layer it with and...

28 Nov 2019 21:00 IST — Shriram Iyengar

Review Hindi

Aise Hee review: A widow breaks out of the monotony of her old life

Filmmaker Kislay’s debut feature turns the spotlight on an elderly woman trying to figure out...

26 Nov 2019 9:00 IST — Sonal Pandya