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Sukhpreet Kahlon

Sukhpreet Kahlon
Head of Research



Sukhpreet Kahlon believes there is a treasure trove of films waiting to be discovered and brought to the fore in India. She gave up her love for teaching English literature to pursue film research. She has worked with prominent film festivals and likes to keep her finger on the pulse of the growing independent cinema movement. At Cinestaan.com, she writes on cinema and various film personalities. She also makes sure she never misses a Diljit Dosanjh film.

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After Word review: An ode to Delhi and the inventiveness of the street

Mallika Visvanathan’s short documentary examines the hidden histories and stories embedded in the city.

3 hours ago — Sukhpreet Kahlon

Review Urdu

Murder Tongue review: A reminder of the many-faced monster of identity politics

Ali Sohail Jaura’s short film conveys the helplessness of common people at a tumultuous time in Pakistan’s history.

1 day ago — Sukhpreet Kahlon

Article Hindi

Amrish Puri was full of beans, humour and life, says biographer Jyoti Sabharwal – Anniversary special

On Amrish Puri's 90th birth anniversary, the veteran journalist and writer remembers the actor who redefined villainy in commercial Hindi cinema.

3 days ago — Sukhpreet Kahlon

Review Kashmiri

Trans Kashmir review: An incisive look at a community relegated to the margins of society

Surbhi Dewan and SA Hanan’s feature documentary sensitively captures the hardships, beauty and resilience of a beleaguered group.

5 days ago — Sukhpreet Kahlon

Review Punjabi

Posti review: Slow-paced, muddled lament for drug addicts

Rana Ranbir’s issue-based Punjabi feature tries to weave in several tracks without much clarity.

6 days ago — Sukhpreet Kahlon

Review Hindi

Chhoti Shameez review: A joyous exploration of what women want

Shruti Vohra’s short film sheds light on female desires through a tiny piece of clothing.

10 days ago — Sukhpreet Kahlon

Article Punjabi

We should not run away from the truth, says Manmohan Singh on his film PR

The Harbhajan Mann-starrer exposes the ugly reality immigrants experience when they reach the land of their dreams.

11 days ago — Sukhpreet Kahlon

Review English

The Sorrow Of Love review: A study of grief and finding the will to move on

Sohag Sen’s short film traces the pain of losing a loved one.  

12 days ago — Sukhpreet Kahlon

Review Hindi

The Broken News review: Jaideep Ahlawat steals the show in this newsroom drama

Vinay Waikul’s series has its moments and hits some right notes but is wanting in its execution.

15 days ago — Sukhpreet Kahlon

Article Hindustani

We have to be truthful to what we are trying to say, says Anamika Haksar on Ghode Ko Jalebi Khilane Le Ja Riya Hoon

The writer-director has adopted a unique model of taking her film to the street people and labourers whose lives are brought alive on the silver screen.

15 days ago — Sukhpreet Kahlon

Review Gujarati

Dal Bhat review: Innocence lost and courage regained in an arid landscape

The Gujarati-language short by Nemil Shah is a touching story about gender identity.

15 days ago — Sukhpreet Kahlon

Review English

Seyran Ates: Sex, Revolution And Islam review – Tracing the long fight for freedom from patriarchy

Nefise Özkal Lorentzen’s documentary traces the life of the activist who is carving a more inclusive space in a conservative religion.

18 days ago — Sukhpreet Kahlon

Review Bengali

X=Prem review: A fascinating love story with a sci-fi twist

Srijit Mukherji’s Bengali feature captures the headiness of young love while delving into the realm of memory and emotions.

21 days ago — Sukhpreet Kahlon

Review Marathi

Haemolymph review: Sincere film marred by heavy-handed treatment

Sudarshan Gamare’s film raises awareness about a pertinent issue but is impeded by a protracted narrative and choppy performances.

25 days ago — Sukhpreet Kahlon

Article Kannada

Nothing is apolitical for me, says Pedro filmmaker Natesh Hegde

The young director who considers Ritwik Ghatak, G Aravindan and Abbas Kiarostami his film school, talks about his debut feature.

27 days ago — Sukhpreet Kahlon

Article Hindustani

Prithviraj Kapoor, the shahenshah of Bombay cinema

On the 50th death anniversary of the founder of Hindi cinema's most famous family, a look at the cinematic dominion of the actor par excellence.

27 days ago — Sukhpreet Kahlon

Article Kannada

I wanted to showcase our dance form to the world, says Dollu filmmaker Sagar Puranik

The Kannada-language feature revolves around the Karnataka folk art Dollu Kunitha.

about 1 month ago — Sukhpreet Kahlon

Article Malayalam

The audience has to be provoked, says Sajas Rahman of his film Chavittu

In an exclusive interview, the filmmaker opened up about his latest feature and the continual struggle of an artist.

about 1 month ago — Sukhpreet Kahlon

Article Punjabi

You need to be passionate to tell your story, says Jaggi filmmaker Anmol Sidhu

The director's Punjabi-language feature had its world premiere at the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles.

about 1 month ago — Sukhpreet Kahlon

Review Punjabi

Kokka review: Uninspiring film that does no justice to its unconventional subject

Gurnam Bhullar struggles while Neeru Bajwa shines to prove that age is just a number.

about 1 month ago — Sukhpreet Kahlon