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Duranga review: Remake of the Korean crime drama is an engaging affair

Release Date: 19 Aug 2022

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Keyur Seta

Created by Goldie Behl and directed by Pradeep Sarkar and Aijaz Khan, the show features a fine act from Gulshan Devaiah. 

Zee5’s Duranga (2022), created by Goldie Behl and directed by Pradeep Sarkar and Aijaz Khan, is the official Hindi remake of the highly-acclaimed Korean drama Flower Of Evil (2020). 

Drashti Dhami plays inspector Ira Jaykar Patel from the Mumbai crime branch. Her husband Sammit Patel (Gulshan Devaiah) is a metal artiste who works out of his workshop at home. The two have a young daughter Anya (Hera Mishra). Ira has a frosty relationship with her in-laws (Divya Seth Shah and Rajesh Khattar), who reside separately. 

During a family outing, Ira is informed about a gruesome murder of a senior citizen, who stayed alone. She rushes off to the crime site, angering her in-laws. An online video journalist Vikas Sarode (Abhijeet Khandkekar), who is always critical of the police, also arrives at the scene. Soon after, the murderer is nabbed but this doesn't mark the end of Ira’s woes. 

A hotel owner is murdered in cold blood late one night. The culprit's pattern matches that of the late serial killer Bala Banne (Zakir Hussain). His son Abhishek is missing and the police now suspect him of the crime. It is also believed that Abhishek had brutally killed their village sarpanch [village head] 17 years ago in Sarangwadi in the presence of his sister Prachi (Samiksha). In present day, a grown Prachi, now played by Barkha Bisht, claims to be unaware on her brother’s whereabouts. 

Gulshan Devaiah and Drashti Dhami in Duranga

While all this is happening, we realize that Sammit is hiding something from Ira and is living a dual life. Circumstances force him to abduct Vikas Sarode and keep him locked in his workshop. What is his motive? 

The trailer of Duranga already revealed who the culprit might be and it felt like a giveaway. But the story isn't as straightforward as it seems. Despite the hints, the show brings forward a different picture followed by some interesting twists that keeps you guessing about the culprit and as well as the past of one of the characters.

Duranga, by and large, maintains an engaging tempo. The show isn’t like the numerous stories about serial killers found in OTT shows since it also focuses on relationships between different individuals. 

Crime thrillers and relationship sagas, especially in the Hindi arena, have a tendency of going overboard with either melodrama or background music or both. But Duranga steers clear of this. The show lets the narrative reveal the story without resorting to any such tricks. 

The idea of having short episodes should also be lauded. The makers haven’t given into the temptation of dragging the show, especially in the final episode. 

Gulshan Devaiah in Duranga

The show gives Gulshan Devaiah the opportunity to play a complex character with a dual identity and he rises to the occasion. The scenes where he smiles and suddenly puts on a serious expression deserve mention. Fresh from her fine portrayal of Khanzada Begum in The Empire (2021), Drashti Dhami plays a tough cop outside her house and an emotional person in her personal life with ease. 

Barkha Bisht succeeds as a character wearing the pain of her past. Samiksha and Anmol Kajani, who play the teenage versions of Prachi and Abhishek Banne, shine in their complex characters. Khandkekar is fine as the news-hungry crime journalist as his character isn’t limited to its clichés. Vitthal Patil, as the mysterious Victor Telkar, finds his own in an unusual role. Child actor Hera Mishra is not only cute but also a good performer. 

The flashback portions of Sammit and Ira's lives needed more work though. The couple look the same even when the story dates back 12-13 years. Another issue with the show is that plenty of creative liberty is taken in the sub-plot about Sammit’s past, along with the cameo played by Amit Sadh.

The writers leave open storylines for the second season. But the next season is justified since a lot goes in favour of the show. Barring these issues, Duranga is an interesting and gripping watch about a married couple entangled in the web of crime.

Duranga is currently streaming on Zee5.


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