is an attempt to record and recount the rich past and vibrant present of Indian cinema.

India's film industry is among the oldest in the world, having been in existence since 1912. It is also the largest. And it has just as many interesting tales to tell — of derring-do, vision, even scandal — as any other film industry.

Over the past century, the passion for cinema has grown across the Indian subcontinent, slowly at first and rapidly after Independence, to become a force that binds together people from different backgrounds, even across borders.


Whether movies, songs, personalities or plain old gossip, Indian cinema has enough and more to keep enthusiasts engaged for a long time. At, our effort is to bring rich and varied content, both from the past and from the present, to our readers, along with rare visual footage wherever we have access to it.

We do not see our role ending at this, however. We are also working to put together the most comprehensive database on Indian cinema, ever. So that this modern art form, which is today a multi-million-dollar industry employing tens of thousands of artistes, never suffers from lack of documentation.

All this is being attempted by a team that is a combination of seasoned professionals (also known as old fogeys) and young blood (aka greenhorns). What binds them all is a passion for the movies and the dream of creating a one-stop destination for anyone who wishes to explore the world of Indian cinema.


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