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Khemchand Prakash: The man who made Mahal (1949) immortal

Khemchand Prakash's innovations in music and his contribution to the pool of some of the best voices in music for Hindi cinema have to be seen to be believed. 

7 days ago — Shoma A Chatterji

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Dealing with plagiarism, short film Written By? is winning a bunch of awards

The film has just two characters — a now out-of-work-but-once-famous screenwriter and director Kamalesh Roy and his ambitious and optimistic intern Natasha Sen.

13 days ago — Shoma A Chatterji

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KIFF 2018: Celebrating Bengali cinema with an eclectic selection from Alibaba to Unishe April

While some may justifiably argue that Bengali cinema is not yet 100 years old, the choice of films to showcase for the occasion is an interesting one.

about 1 month ago — Shoma A Chatterji

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Antony Firingee and his poignant question that haunts us even today

Antony Firingee (1967) will be the opening film at this year's Kolkata International Film Festival which celebrates 100 years of Bengali cinema.

about 1 month ago — Shoma A Chatterji


Ingmar Bergman centenary: Kolkata film festival lines up an elaborate tribute

Bergman as filmmaker has evolved into a concept and it is only just that the country that produces the largest number of films should also get to see the best from around the globe.

about 1 month ago — Shoma A Chatterji

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Uttar Falguni review: Suchitra Sen does justice playing mother and daughter in milestone film

Part of the 100 Years of Bengali Cinema celebration at the Kolkata festival, Uttar Falguni is a powerful woman-centric film even when it places the central character as a victim of patriarchy.

2 months ago — Shoma A Chatterji

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Madhumati review: The many-hued masterpiece of Bimal Roy

Madhumati was unlike anything Bimal Roy had made, or would go on to make. Yet, the film, released on this day 60 years ago, was also the biggest hit of his illustrious career.

3 months ago — Shoma A Chatterji

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Agni Pareeksha (1954) review: A woman's tale that almost sanctifies child marriage

The film, which was released on this date in 1954, is told from the woman's point of view but does not disturb the prevailing middle-class morality.

4 months ago — Shoma A Chatterji

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Utpal Dutt's innovation with Shakespeare – 25th death anniversary special

Dutt took Shakespeare beyond the elite city stage and introduced him, and other leading European playwrights, to rural audiences with great success.

4 months ago — Shoma A Chatterji

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Tagore's eternal music and its influence on cinema – Death anniversary special

Cinema offers probably the ideal medium to render a Tagore literary piece for the consumption of a multinational audience, and it hasn't failed to reach out to Gurudev every now and again for musical inspiration.

4 months ago — Shoma A Chatterji