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Why? Why not? Usually these two questions are whirling around in Rajeev D Pai's head. He believes these two questions are as important for an editor as they are for a revolutionary. If you don't ask these questions, says he, you will not change a thing. You could say he's a whys guy, even if he may not be very wise.

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Bhaukaal (Season 2) review: Entertaining while it lasts, but not satisfying

Pradeep Nagar and Siddhanth Kapoor are the pick of the cast. Some of the dialogues would have elicited wolf whistles in single-screen cinemas. And the fight sequences and the gore too.

about 1 year ago — Rajeev Pai

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Opinion: Sushant Singh Rajput death – Suicide and entertainment

Sushant Singh Rajput is free now, but there are as many dancing around his corpse as those shedding crocodile tears.

over 2 years ago — Rajeev Pai

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Opinion: The lynch-mob mentality

Criminal acts, no matter the provocation, do not equal justice. While they may be enjoyed on screen and even provide catharsis, in real life such actions only bring more grief.

over 3 years ago — Rajeev Pai

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Comment: The days of thugging audiences are past

If star power fails, can the star system survive?

over 4 years ago — Rajeev Pai

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Comment: The importance of being Amitabh

The one-time superstar's reluctance to speak up on issues plaguing the film industry is galling.

over 4 years ago — Rajeev Pai


Comment: Maturing industry needs real awards

Why can’t the Indian film industry come together and set up independent awards rather than hankering for handouts from media houses for whom these occasions are a way to promote otherwise comatose publications and channels and collect ad revenues?

over 6 years ago — Rajeev Pai,Rajeev Pai


Comment: The silly season is upon us again

Asking insignificant individuals like Fawad Khan to leave India isn't going to make any difference to India-Pakistan relations.

over 6 years ago — Rajeev Pai