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Well Done Baby review: Dull film about parents-to-be on the brink of divorce

Release Date: 09 Apr 2021

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Keyur Seta

The film starring Pushkar Jog and Amruta Khanvilkar just does not have enough meat to keep the viewers engaged.

As a leading man and producer, Well Done Baby is Pushkar Jog’s second Marathi film on the trot to be shot completely in London after Ti And Ti (2019). One hoped for this film to provide a better experience that the previous movie. Instead, it does the opposite.

Well Done Baby is Priyanka Tanwar’s directorial debut after working in the production department for two successful Hindi films, No One Killed Jessica (2011) and Talaash (2012).

The film explores the life of couple Aditya (Jog) and Meera (Amruta Khanvilkar). From the outside they appear to be the perfect couple. Aditya is a successful mental health counsellor. Meera is doing well in the field of science. They live a rich lifestyle in an international city like London.

However, in reality their married life is far from perfect. Their differences have reached such a level that they are contemplating divorce. Meera’s mother (Vandana Gupte) arrives from India to stay with them and try to help resolve their issues. But she only adds to Aditya's stress.

Just when the couple is about to decide to separate, Meera discovers she is pregnant.

The narrative doesn’t exactly establish the problems between Aditya and Meera, but this doesn’t affect the viewer's belief that their marriage is in trouble. However, the writers bringing in the major twist of a pregnancy makes you keen to know what happens next. The situation seems ripe for an interesting conflict, particularly as such tales aren't explored much in Indian cinema.

But nothing substantial happens once Aditya and Meera decide to give their marriage another chance. As they wait for the baby to arrive, the viewer is subjected to a series of repetitive scenes of the two attending different sessions and classes meant for pregnant couples. And, wonder of wonders, these sessions and the marriage counselling are done in Marathi in London!

It becomes quite obvious that the writers were unclear how to develop the story until the delivery. At some points the narrative hints at bringing a conflict to the fore again, only to abandon the thought. You can’t pass off heated arguments as conflict.

The only positive in the film is Vandana Gupte. She is easily the best of the artistes on show. Her comic timing is impressive and she also succeeds in raising the emotional quotient. Amruta Khanwilkar is adequate but Pushkar Jog, who is credited with the concept for the film, is a disappointment, particularly in the important scene where he has an emotional outburst.

Luckily, Well Done Baby ends in just 99 minutes.

Well Done Baby is now available on Amazon Prime Video.

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