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Cinestaan Curates: Tyson investigates work-life dichotomy in the context of domestic violence

Release Date: 13 May 2019 / 14min

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Sukhpreet Kahlon

Directed by Sanjay Bhatia, the short film stars Bhuvnesh Shetty and Manjushree Kulkarni.

The short film Tyson straddles two very different worlds that come together in an unexpected manner. The film opens in a police station. Tyson is a much-feared police officer who beats criminals black and blue. Everyone is aware of this officer's reputation and even a senior officer asks for him to be reined in. 

The scene shifts to a lower middle class home where a woman is living with her abusive husband. She is the primary breadwinner and cannot cope with the husband’s constant demand for money. Instead, she tries to run the house and provide for her daughter the best way that she can. The ending of the film ties the strands together and makes us think about the many roles that women play outside the home and within it.

There are aspects of the lives of the couple that are hinted at and left for us to wonder about. The husband looks down upon the wife’s source of income while she berates him for his idealism. The effects of domestic violence on the children is brought home in a scene where the daughter watches helplessly as her father beats up her mother. Tyson offers a comment on women who lead disparate lives and are trapped in abusive marriages. It makes us think about how work provides a degree of sanity when one’s personal life is in a shambles.

Directed by Sanjay Bhatia, the film was written by Bhuvnesh Shetty and Yogi Chopra and stars Shetty and Manjushree Kulkarni. It is part of Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films and is available on YouTube.


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