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Tula Kalnnaar Nahi review: This journey is indeed difficult to understand

Release Date: 08 Sep 2017 / Rated: U / 01hr 52min

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Keyur Seta

The film starring Subodh Bhave and Sonalee Kulkarni suffers from poor content. 

Romantic comedies or light-hearted films based on couples have always been in demand not just in India, but also internationally. This year Marathi cinema itself has churned out a number of such films like Tuzha Tu Mazha Mi, Chi Va Chi Sau Ka, Muramba, Bhetli Tu Punha, Conditions Apply: Ati Lagu, and Mala Kahich Problem Nahi.

With Swapna Waghmare Joshi’s Tula Kalnnaar Nahi also being based on the issues a couple goes through in its relationship, one might fear repetition playing the villain here. But actually it is not repetition that is the problem. It is something worse: the film makes a mockery of an interesting subject in a way that tula kalnaarach nahi (you just won’t understand). 

Tul Kalnnaar Nahi is the story of Rahul (Subodh Bhave) and Anjali (Sonalee Kulkarni), a modern couple living in Mumbai. Rahul works in a construction company while Anjali is a photographer. After an accidental meeting, their friendship blossomed into love and they got married. But today, four years later, they are anything but happy, though no one incident can be said to have affected their relationship adversely. 

Rahul and Anjali are disappointed in each other’s behaviour and way of living. They constantly bicker and reach a point where they literally can’t stand each other. Hence, they hardly interact, though the taunts continue to flow non-stop. With no hope left in their relationship, they opt for divorce. But there comes a situation when both are compelled to undertake a road journey to Goa together. Will this journey bring their relationship to a pleasant destination?

Predicting how a romantic comedy goes is child’s play, more so if you have read the synopsis or seen the trailer of the film. Despite this, you notice some freshness in the opening portions of Tula Kalnnaar Nahi. The idea of making an almost separated couple travel together for a long journey is also interesting.

Unfortunately, the idea of Tula Kalnnaar Nahi is positive only on paper. On screen it is narrated in a manner that is immature. The main culprit is the writing. The unconvincing events and weird supporting characters ensure you give up on the film quite early. Tula Kalnnaar Nahi is more of a road movie, though that, too, does not help its cause. In fact, the twists and turns in the second half leading up to the climax make you recall those daily soaps where things like logic and conviction have no place. For instance, a massive fire breaks out in a building. All 122 people present perish but not a wooden cupboard (and, as it turns out, a diary inside).

The visuals are colourful and fresh and the camerawork is decent. But the lustful background sounds whenever the character Menaka (Neetha Shetty) arrives are over the top. The title song, which appears throughout the film, is a soulful romantic number.

The goodness of Subodh Bhave and Sonalee Kulkarni is seen here too. The former’s helplessness and the latter’s taunts match well. But the content and the lack of depth in their characters don’t give either artiste much of a chance. And as mentioned earlier, the supporting characters are poorly etched. Sushant Shelar suffers with his character’s desperation for one-night stands, which appears immature. 

Shetty looks her part but tries too hard to be seductive. After a point it just becomes irritating. The aforementioned background sound does not help. Her back story messes it up further. The actor playing Kulkarni's boss appears and behaves like her junior. He is thoroughly over the top. 

The only thing one can say is that Tula Kalnnaar Nahi is aptly titled.