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Anirbed Chattopadhyay's short film The Clown explores an artiste's vulnerability and loneliness

Release Date: 13 Oct 2020 / 8min

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Roushni Sarkar

The impressive Debraj Mukherjee, who delivers a stirring monologue, carries the short film entirely on his shoulders.

Anirbed Chattopadhyay's short film The Clown is a brief yet heart-wrenching glimpse into the life of an entertainer. Featuring Debraj Mukherjee and Bidisha De Majumder, The Clown has a tragic storyline, bringing to mind films such as Mera Naam Joker (1970) and the recent critically acclaimed The Joker (2019).

The short film is entirely woven around a monologue delivered by the protagonist. Mukherjee plays, or rather represents performers, clowns and caricaturists, and while getting dressed for his next show, he delivers a moving soliloquy while looking into the mirror, underlining his loneliness.

Mukherjee rues the fact that clowns are expected to entertain people and fill their lives with joy though the word clown has come to be synonymous with someone who is ridiculous. In fact, the short film begins with the protagonist's sister making a derogatory remark about someone whom she eventually dismisses as a clown.

Mukherjee carries the short film entirely on his shoulders. While his rapid and seamless change of expressions showcases his range as a performer, he also brings out the soft and vulnerable side of the artiste. While he sobs, he finds solace in the company of the mirror. The film creates a poignant moment when he feels relieved to see that the mirror is also crying along with him.

The film could also have deeper psychological interpretations. The artiste here finds it hard to reveal his true self before the public and finds comfort in facing himself, unlike most human beings.

Watch the film on Hook Films' YouTube channel.

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