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Cinestaan Curates: The thought-provoking Suno makes us assess our prejudices

Release Date: 23 Jan 2021 / 12min

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Sukhpreet Kahlon

Directed by Shubham Yogi, the short film stars Amrita Puri and Sumeet Vyas.

How often does it happen that one does not realise one’s predicament until it is pointed out by others? The short film Suno nudges us to think about situations that might seem mundane and okay on the surface but could be hiding some bitter truths in plain sight. Directed by Shubham Yogi, the film stars Amrita Puri and Sumeet Vyas.

An experiment in bed between a couple leaves the woman (Puri) with a few bruises on her face. We are told it’s an accident. The husband makes light of it but people’s comments nonetheless get the wife thinking. A neighbour asks the woman to join a support group as people cannot shake off the idea that her husband is a wife-beater. The attitude of people around her causes the wife to dwell on the incident and slowly start to become aware of people in abusive relationships.

The unassuming film is based on a story, Liar, by Aseem Kaul. The film takes us along on the journey with the characters, as they attempt to fully understand the incident and its consequences. On the face of it, they seem to be an ordinary, happy, regular couple but the narrative scratches the surface to reveal what lies beneath. 

Interestingly, Yogi makes us involved in the film because as audiences, we too are wondering about what really happened and reconstruct the event as dribs and drabs of information are presented. The film makes us rethink our own prejudices and second guess the ways in which we read a situation that has a simple explanation but might be hiding an uncomfortable reality.

The well-calibrated performances of Vyas and Puri establish the realism of their attempts to deal with their circumstances. When confronted with the idea of abuse, we see the husband flip and suddenly what seemed improbable in the beginning, takes a sharp turn. The subtlety of the film makes sure that just like the couple, slowly but surely, we too assess the lens through which we choose to view our reality.

The film is available for viewing on Terribly Tiny Tales' YouTube channel.

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