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Cinestaan Curates: Strong Son is an endearing, humorous short

Release Date: 2020 / 4min

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Sukhpreet Kahlon

Ian Bawa’s film portrays the beautiful bond between father and son in an unconventional narrative.

Ian Bawa’s three-minute short film Strong Son is a heart-warming, funny portrait of the relationship between a South Asian father and his son.

An autobiographical piece, the film features the voiceover of a father, Jagdeep Singh Bawa, talking about his son as the latter is working out in a gym. The father describes his son’s exercise regimen and narrates his own advice for his bodybuilding son.

Physical exercise is clearly a focal point for both father and son, even as Jagdeep Singh Bawa confesses that he no longer has the strength to work out and watches his son train instead. Through this unusual and charming narrative, we get keen insights into the loving, endearing bond that the two share, as it also touches upon larger themes of elderly care and loneliness.

Strong Son has some hilarious moments as we see the father being as obsessed with the workout as his son, and speaks frankly about things that worry him about his son. Bawa doles out marital advice to his son through the lens of the workout, saying, “I tell him that women like men with strong legs. Strong legs mean stable home.” Even things like popularity and marital eligibility are perceived through the physical body and we get glimpses of the caring attitude that the two have towards each other.

An honest film, Strong Son is a beautiful, inspiring portrait of a unique father-son duo.

The film is available for free viewing as part of the ongoing film festival IFFSA Toronto.


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