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Sohreyan Da Pind Aa Gaya review: Love turns into one-upmanship in this fun family entertainer

Release Date: 08 Jul 2022 / 02hr 10min

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Sukhpreet Kahlon

Gurnam Bhullar and Sargun Mehta star in the enjoyable Punjabi romantic comedy which will have its world digital premiere on Zee5 on 23 September.

Gurnam Bhullar and Sargun Mehta’s film Sohreyan Da Pind Aa Gaya (2022) is a romantic comedy that takes its title from a popular Punjabi folk song around marriage. Directed by Ksshitij Chaudhary and written by Amberdeep Singh, the film tracks lovers turned bitter rivals, who create havoc in each other’s lives. 

Raje (Gurnam Bhullar) and Rupi (Sargun Mehta) are in love with each other and look forward to getting married soon. They come up with various plans to break the news properly to their respective families so that their match is accepted.

However, in their anxiety to get things right, things get muddled instead and Rupi ends up unwittingly agreeing to marry another man. Under the circumstances, the couple tries to figure out the way forward by resigning themselves to their fate. 

But Rupi cannot tolerate Bhullar getting married elsewhere and breaks off his engagement with another girl. This leads to a rift between the two and they become sworn rivals. She ends up actively sabotaging any chances of him getting married, while he is determined to marry just to make her jealous. However, things do not work out as smoothly as planned.

The lovers to enemies trope between the lead pair accounts for light-hearted comedy in the film. The dialogues account for some humorous repartee as well. There are many awkward, funny situations that take place as Raje is desperate to marry any eligible woman whom he encounters. While there are a few places where the pace of the film slackens, it moves along smoothly.

Being set in a village, the writer mobilises the close-knit, traditional set-up for taking the story forward and Bhullar and Mehta give suitable performances as lovers engaged in marriage competition. The production design and costumes capture the village ambience suitably. The music is average though and nothing to write home about.

Overall, Sohreyan Da Pind Aa Gaya is an enjoyable entertainer.

Sohreyan Da Pind Aa Gaya released in theatres on 8 July and is due to be premiered on Zee5 on 23 September.


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