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Operation MBBS (Season 2) review: Popular campus drama turns preachy

Release Date: 15 Mar 2021

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Suyog Zore

The latest season sees our three protagonists dealing with personal issues, mental health problems and the coronavirus.

The second season of Dice Media's popular campus drama Operation MBBS sees our three protagonists — Nishant (Ayush Mehra), Huma (Sarah Hashmi) and Sakshi (Anshul Chauhan) — dealing with personal issues, mental health problems and the coronavirus. Parallelly, the show also highlights the valiant and unrelenting efforts put in by doctors and medical professionals and the various problems they faced at the onset of the pandemic.

The first thing you notice is the shift in tone. Even though the first season depicted the struggles in the lives of these medical students, the overall tone was quite light-hearted. However, director Amit Raj and writers Ayesha Nair, Puneet Batra and Dr Pravin Yadav have chosen a more serious approach this time around.

In this season, Nishant struggles to get sponsors for the college fest, Huma grapples with panic attacks and Sakshi faces a moral dilemma after deciding to go against her college dean (Geetanjali Kulkarni), but all three protagonists also deal with more serious issues this time.

Each episode starts in medias res, showing the abject chaos caused by COVID-19 among the medical fraternity and common people and then we are taken back to the daily lives of the students before the coronavirus arrived. It's only the last couple of episodes that explore the impact of COVID in a more detailed manner.

The new season also shows the impact of lockdown on the mental health of students who are living alone and away from their families. But in doing so, it sometimes becomes too preachy, especially while showing the doctors' heroism during the crisis. If the writers had dialled down the preachiness, the show would have been a lot more impactful.

Another aspect that ruins one's viewing experience is the nonstop on-the-nose product placement. After a certain point, it becomes almost unbearable.

But writers and director also deserve props for showing Huma's struggle with her mental health in a very realistic manner without ever going overboard. Sakshi's dilemma is also explored beautifully. In comparison, Nishant's problems, some of which are his own doing, seem quite superficial. 

The acting is decent across the board. Chauhan has to put more effort when it comes to delivering lines in Marathi though. Her constant mispronunciation of certain words is distracting.

Even though Operation MBBS (Season 2) fails to recreate the magic of the first season, it's still a decent watch. 

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