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OK Boss (Season 1) review: Show about friendship at workplace hits the mark

Release Date: 10 Jul 2021

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Keyur Seta

Directed by Kewal Mistry, the Gujarati web-series stars Aarjav Trivedi, Devarshi Shah and Aarohi Patel.

Indian cinema has explored the theme of friendship numerous times. Most of these stories are about the bonds formed among college students. But to explore the subject in an office setting is a different ball game altogether since employees are under constant pressure to deliver and have to deal with demanding bosses.

Directed by Kewal Mistry and written by Abhinav Vaidya, the first season of OHO Gujarati’s web-series OK Boss explores the consequences of friendship between two young male co-workers. The show is set in present-day Ahmedabad. 

Dhaval (Aarjav Trivedi) and Mayank (Devarshi Shah) are best friends, roommates and employees of a firm called Recruitech. They work as call operators who help job-seekers in the United States get recruited. Hence, they are required to work night shifts. Dhaval is a sincere, hard-working fellow who fails from Junagadh. Mayank, on the other hand, is a flamboyant smooth-talker. 

Their professional life takes a slight turn when Megha Vasavada (Aarohi Patel) joins as their junior. Mayank is interested in wooing her but it’s Dhaval who gets to train her. Dhaval and Mayank’s friendship is further tested when the latter is promoted to a senior position. 

OK Boss scores well when it comes to establishing characters and their relationships and, most importantly, office life, including the day-to-day activities and politics.

The show starts in a casual manner and but gradually the tone grows serious and tense. The progression is organic, which is an indication of fine writing and direction. However, even when it goes into serious mode, the entertainment factor is still there. 

For example, when Dhaval and Mayank’s friendship turns rocky, the narrative is still lighthearted and this keeps things interesting. 

The characters of Dhaval and Mayank needed perfect casting and that’s exactly what the makers have achieved. Both Trivedi and Shah are completely believable as close friends despite being unlike each other. The little nuances in their verbal and non-verbal communication are unmissable. 

Patel gives a mature performance as a young woman torn between two individuals. Hemang Dave achieves a balance while being simultaneously ruthless and funny as the strict boss. Ragi Jani, who plays Dhaval’s village-based father, makes a mark in a single scene, although he instantly reminds you of his character as Pratik Gandhi’s father in Vitthal Teedi

Amid all the positives the show has going for it, there is one major letdown. A scam is introduced as an important plot point but is unceremoniously abandoned later on. 

Nevertheless, the series leaves you keenly anticipating another season.

OK Boss is being streamed on Oho Gujarati.

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