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Nenjil Thunivirunthal review: Suseenthiran brings yet another entertaining thriller

Release Date: 10 Nov 2017 / Rated: U/A

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Manigandan KR

Nenjil Thunivirundhal is a bold film that is definitely worth a watch.

Director Suseenthiran is known for making films that are entertaining and meaningful at the same time. Nenjil Thunivirunthal is no different. The film is an exciting thriller that highlights some socially relevant messages.

Kumar (Sundeep Kishan), a young, educated individual, runs a catering business along with his friends — Mahesh (Vikranth), Ramesh (Soori) and Seenu (Appukutty). Kumar's younger sister Anuradha (Sathiga) studies medicine on merit in a prestigious medical college.

While Kumar trusts his friend Mahesh, Kumar's mother (Thulasi) dislikes him, as she suspects he harbours intentions of marrying Anuradha. Kumar eases her fear saying that he trusts his friend, but the mother's fears are not without reason.

Before becoming friends with Kumar, Mahesh had shown interest in Anuradha. She refuses his advances initially, but after some back and forth, they start dating. As Mahesh feels guilty about being in a relationship  with a friend's  sister without his knowledge, he tells Anuradha that they should confide in Kumar. Anuradha, however, says they shouldn't disclose about their relationship immediately and promises to tell her brother everything about the two of them in another 10 days.

Life goes on as usual for some time. Mahesh, who has a short temper and known to stand against any injustice, picks up Anuradha every night from college.

One evening, Kumar's mother gets to know of the affair and in a fit of rage orders her son to return home with Anuradha. Kumar picks up his sister and begins to ride back home when suddenly a bunch of assailants block and attack them.

Just when one of the assailants is about to kill Kumar, he gets a call saying they have the wrong person and that they should let the two go. The attack is stopped and the brother and sister are allowed to go.

Anuradha heaves a sigh of relief that the assailants have let them go, but Kumar is worried as he knows that the reason they let them go was because they were expecting his friend Mahesh instead of him. Why were these people trying to kill his friend? He decides to investigate and soon finds himself dealing with notorious criminals who are masters at murdering people and diverting attention.

Suseenthiran, as always, has studied the modus operandi of criminals in real life and uses it well in his film. The manner in which anti-social elements study the situation, the compelling circumstances of their victims well before planning an attack and carrying it out is beautifully brought forth in the film.

Criminals are often portrayed as bullies with brute strength and no brains, but Suseenthiran fashions his villains in exactly the same manner that one would come across in real life.

The struggle between Kumar and Durai Pandi (Harish Uththaman) is as much physical as it is mental, with both characters looking to analyse each other's circumstances and exploit the weaknesses that a given situation may bring upon their opponents.

Harish Uthaman is brilliant as the ruthless, yet calculative goon and gang leader Durai. He delivers a very commendable performance, just like Vikranth as Mahesh and Sundeep as Kumar. Sathiga, who plays Anuradha, and Mehreen Pirzada, who plays Janani, also do justice to their roles.

Suseenthiran's trusted cameraman Laxman doesn't disappoint as the visuals are striking and realistic. Imman's background score for the film is brilliant, but the songs really don't fit in and slow the pace of an otherwise racy thriller.

Nenjil Thunivirundhal is a bold film that is definitely worth a watch.