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Naap review: Heartfelt drama about choices in the face of despair

Release Date: 2020 / 18min

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Sukhpreet Kahlon

Harshit Acharya’s directorial debut tackles the subject of sexual harassment in everyday life.

Short film Naap, meaning measure, which marks the directorial debut of Harshit Acharya, examines the power imbalance between the rich and the poor, along with the desperate measures which seem to be the only recourse for the disfranchised.

Naap takes us into the simple yet content world of a father and his daughter. Sharmaji (Vipin Sharma), fondly known as Masterji, is a tailor well known for his craft. He lives with his adoring daughter Sakshi (Tarjanee Bhadla) who takes care of him. Chirpy and enthusiastic, she wishes to pursue her studies and helps out her father in the shop, stitching clothes. However, helping her father in the shop leads to a loathsome incident with far-reaching consequences.

The short film delves into the uncountable ways in which women are violated by men in our country every day. The statistics are staggering but even more shocking is the leniency with which the law treats the rich, especially in cases of sexual harassment.

Acharya’s film examines the circumstances in which the father-daughter duo is rendered helpless and the father decides to take firm action.

We are offered small yet significant insights into the father’s mind. He finds the news on the radio about molesters going scot-free repulsive and cannot bear to listen to the rest of the bulletin. He is protective of his daughter and like a responsible father won’t let any harm come to her.

In the power imbalance depicted, the father realizes that he will simply become the hunted. In the end, however, we see his realization and the desperation in the path he chooses, which is a sad reflection of our times.

Sharma and Bhadla's performances are noteworthy as they create the self-contained world of the father and daughter. Acharya’s direction is able and the writing allows glimpses into the minds of the protagonists, which is key to justifying the film's climax.

Naap was screened at the Indian Film Festival Stuttgart last month.


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