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Cinestaan Curates: Mummy is a tender film about the bond between mother and son

Release Date: 27 Nov 2020 / 18min

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Sukhpreet Kahlon

Shot in the documentary mode and inspired by a personal moment, it examines the beginning of the process of separation.

Written, directed and produced by Aditi Mody, the short film Mummy examines the beginning of the process of separation between a mother and her 60-year-old mentally handicapped son.

As a differently abled person, Jamshed has a strict routine that anchors him. The routine has been managed and followed by his mother assiduously for his entire life. She watchfully oversees every movement of his, taking care that he does things properly. She is familiar with his habits, naughtiness, tendency to overeat and tries her best to maintain a balance. However, when she finds out that she is ailing, she must pass on the responsibilities to her other children.

Mummy employs the epistolary form in part along with the observational documentary style, wherein the mother is writing a letter, giving instructions about Jamshed’s routine and needs. Through this detailing, we get to know about Jamshed’s personality, his likes and dislikes. Although written as a letter, it eschews sentiment to focus on the pragmatic, giving a series of instructions, a list to be carefully followed. But woven within that, is decades of the mother’s love, care and constant anxiety for her son.

Shot in the documentary mode and inspired by a personal moment, the film poignantly captures the love and care that only a mother can provide for her children. We are shown the bond between the mother and son, as both lean on each other. As the caregiver takes over, we see the difference in the level of concern and care, the son pining for his mother and his heart-breaking helplessness. Mummy poignantly dwells into the helplessness of a differently abled person, as he is unable to understand the inevitable passing of time.

The film premiered at the Dharamshala International Film Festival 2020.

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