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Mishti Doi review: Sweet family tale without melodrama

Release Date: 29 May 2020

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Keyur Seta

Directed by Shibu Sable, the short film features Milind Uke, Deepal Doshi and Bhawna Munjal. 

When it comes to emotional family dramas, we have seen enough loud, melodramatic content over the decades, thanks to our television serials and movies of yesteryears. So it is a welcome change to see a short film on family issues that only uses subtlety to evoke the desired effect. Shibu Sable’s Mishti Doi is one such film. Produced by KBJ Entertainment, the movie released on YouTube and Disney + Hotstar on 16 April. 

Mishti Doi is about a retired widower Baba (Milind Uke), who excitedly awaits the visit of his son Rohan (Deepal Doshi) and his wife Kavita (Bhawna Munjal) for dinner. It’s a special evening, as it’s the birthday of Baba’s late wife and Rohan’s mother. Baba has asked Rohan to bring his mother’s favourite sweet, mishti doi. 

As soon as the couple arrives, one can notice some hesitancy and conflict between Rohan and Baba. The film uses little moments during the conversation to highlight the emotional baggage carried by the father and son. It is impressive how indirect communication too can make such conflicts loud and clear. 

A good amount of credit goes to Doshi, who uses his expressions well to communicate his feelings. Uke’s casting is also perfect. He succeeds in playing a retired man, who is lonely but will never reveal it except, when he is in front of his wife’s photo. Munjal plays the mature mediator between the two, displaying a good range of acting skills.  

We aren’t told whether the differences between Baba and Rohan are a result of some past incident or simply because Rohan has become too busy at work and doesn’t have time for his father. This point could have been made clearer. We can assume it’s the latter. 

But there are no major hiccups here. The film arrives at the final point in a simple manner by focussing on the food item. Just like mishti doi, the film too leaves behind a sweet taste.

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