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Mera Vyah Kara Do review: Flimsy premise and tiresome humour make this a dull watch

Release Date: 18 Feb 2022 / 02hr 12min

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Sukhpreet Kahlon

Directed by Sunill Khosla, the Mandy Takhar-starrer is a tired old tale that fails to impress.

The Punjabi-language romantic comedy Mera Vyah Kara Do is yet another film about a young woman looking for a suitable match.

Directed by Sunill Khosla, the Zee5 original film is the story of a young girl Noor (Mandy Takhar), who is a happy-go-lucky girl. A pandit informs her mother that Noor should be married by her next birthday, which is three months away, or she may end up without a husband.

Terrified for her daughter’s well-being, the mother urges her to make a profile on a matrimonial site. However, Noor finds that there are no proposals or even views on her profile! She uploads some fun pictures of herself in short dresses, and lo and behold, she is flooded with proposals.

She meets all kinds of men online who are attracted to her but she doesn’t really like anyone. A local gangster’s son also wants to marry her and literally fixes the marriage date at gunpoint. Meanwhile, Noor meets Ekum (Dilpreet Dhillon) who has recently broken up with his fiancée. Noor falls in love with him but Ekum cannot quite make up his mind and needs time to think. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking and Noor needs to get married before her deadline. 

The premise of Mera Vyah Kara Do has been seen several times and the film is centred on Takhar’s character. However, the script and dialogues are disappointing as several scenes are stretched and are, at times, awkward. A prime example is the opening sequence, which is a long one that shows Noor waking up, brushing her teeth, making faces in the mirror, doing her exercises, having her tea, soaking in the atmosphere, getting dressed, putting on her make-up, playing with her hair and finally coming down to meet her mother for breakfast!

The humour is forced and oftentimes too on-the-nose. The family of gangsters, for example, roams around with guns all the time; otherwise, how will we ever know that they are goons! The background score is overpowering and, in places, dissonant with the scenes. There are also scenes that seem to float in mid-air that end up having no impact on the film. One example is the fact that Noor’s profile is blocked by the matrimonial site as her pictures are seen as being too risqué. But this has no impact whatsoever on anything, so one wonders why the scene exists in the first place. Also finding regular western attire scandalous is beyond ridiculous. All this becomes pretty tiresome pretty fast. 

Takhar’s performance is fair and one wishes she had a better script to work with. Dhillon meanwhile, fails to impress and leaves no impact. In terms of the music, only ‘Selfiyan’ is a likeable, foot-tapping number. Overall, Mera Vyah Kara Do fails to impress. 

The Zee5 original film is available on the digital platform.


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