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Marvin’s Never Had Coffee Before review: A charming, unconventional film on social anxiety

Release Date: 25 Sep 2021 / 8min

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Krish Kalra

The short film revolves around a man who has coffee for the first time and wants to talk to someone about it.

Andrew Carter’s short film Marvin’s Never Had Coffee Before is a charming, humorous take on workplace relations and how people try to follow societal norms by trying things everyone else around does in an attempt to fit in.

It follows Marvin (Charles Rogers), who is the odd one out in his virtual meetings where his co-workers enthusiastically discuss the flavours of their cup of coffee. Feeling left out, he buys a coffee machine after doing considerable research and has his first cup. He then wants to find someone to share his new discovery with and tries to win them over by using coffee as something they can talk about.

The film is unique in its portrayal of social anxiety, wherein one tries to find common ground with others by trying to fit in. Carter uses wit, humour and irony to display a problem several of us struggle with in our day-to-day lives. The film shines in its relatability and the audience can empathize with its characters.

The film also portrays the theme of loneliness, how Marvin is desperate to share his discovery with someone, as he has no one to talk to. Shining a light on social relations during the pandemic, the film highlights the need to make a human connection when we are all interacting with each other digitally.

Rogers stands out with his comedic portrayal of an awkward man trying to fit in with others. His excitement upon discovering coffee and youthful zeal towards his peers makes him rather likeable. The music is upbeat and adds a refreshing yet comforting tone to the film. Despite its short length, the film is a delightful watch and makes its audience yearn for more.

Marvin's Never Had Coffee Before was screened at the recent Palm Springs International ShortFest.


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