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Love Ke Funday Review: 10 things to learn from the movie 

Release Date: 29 Jul 2016 / Rated: A / 02hr 11min

Keyur Seta

The film starring Shaleen Bhanot and Pooja Banerjee is an experience in itself. 

Rating: 0.5/5 

We have often heard people complaining, “This film has no story.” The whole idea of not having any story for two or more hours sounds impossible. But then, a film like debutant director Indervesh Yogee’s Love Ke Funday makes it possible. 

Yet, there is somethig you can take back from every film. Here are 10 things one can learn from this one: 

- In the name of a story, all you need is a bunch of confused characters displaying their confused state. To delve a bit deeper, there's Sandy (Rahul Suri), a cassanova who doesn't believe in love. A live-in couple not sure whether to marry. Manan (Rishank Tiwari) cheats on his wife Jassi (Samiksha Bhatnagar) by being involved with Annu (Ritika Gulati). Sony (Pooja Banerjee) comes into contact with Aryan (Shaleen Bhanot), a pub owner, and develops feelings for him, but he doesn’t. The indecisiveness of all forms the rest of the tale. 

- There is nothing called love. It’s all lust. Most of the characters decide to be with someone just due to his or her appearance. For example, a girl is supposed to meet her new date at his place. But as she finds another handsome guy over there, she sleeps with him. Remember, this is just one example. 

- It is fine to fall for a man knowing he is married and later loathe the fact that he is married. 

- Goa is full of bikini clad girls (most of them foreigners), who are ready to pose seductively in front of rank strangers. And, as you must have guessed, they just love to get touched by any Tom, Dick and Harry. 

- The best way to include the mystery element is to make the audience wonder throughout as to what the main point of the film is about. 

- There's no problem in making your characters stand at Mumbai's Marine Drive through VFX despite having the budget to shoot at foreign locations. 

- To sound modern, one must use the word ‘baby’ as many times as possible.

- Throw in a surprise package by featuring singer Sukhwinder Singh in a song, dressed up in black leather jackets and dark goggles. 

- It is vital for actors to complement each other, even if it means participating in a hamming contest. This is not applicable for Pooja Banerjee and Shaleen Bhanot who are at least tolerable. 

- It is good to have a happy ending, even if the audience is feeling exactly the opposite. 

Director: Indervesh Yogee

Producers: FRV Big Business Entertainment and Prem Motion Pictures

Writers: Indervesh Yogee

Cast: Shaleen Bhanot, Pooja Banerjee, Rahul Suri, Ritika Gulati, Rishank Tiwari, Samiksha Bhatnagar 

Music: Prakash Prabhakar and Farzan Faaiz

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Runtime: 123 minutes