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Love Day review – This film is an abuse to cinema

Release Date: 21 Oct 2016

Cinestaan Rating

Keyur Seta

Yet another film that makes you wonder how it got made in the first place.

Film: Love Day (U/A)
Rating: 1/5

The following is a sequence from director duo Harish Kotian and Sandeep Chowdhury’s Love Day: Pyaar Ka Din. Four friends (three men and one woman) are in dire need of money. To loot a stranger, the men ask their companion to pose as a prostitute. But the plan goes horribly wrong and the unsuspecting man ends up having sex with the woman. This incident, especially its end, is treated in a supposedly funny way. This incident sums up the film and the thought process behind it.

Love Day is the story of three friends, Monty (Ajaz Khan), Sandy (Sahil Anand) and Harry (Harsh Nagar). Hailing from the lower strata of society, Monty is into goondagardi since childhood. He ends up making life miserable for Sandy and Harry, who hail from the upper middle class. This continues even after they grow up. This results in all three ending up jobless. 

Sandy and Harry part ways with Monty after a while. They are eager to pursue filmmaking but struggle to find a producer for their film titled – you guessed it – Love Day. One fine day, they get a call from Monty promising to finance their movie. The two friends hesitantly agree to meet Monty. Will their notorious childhood friend turn out to be useful for once? 

The only way to analyse a film like Love Day (hope you pronounced it right) is to highlight a few important points: 

– Sandy and Harry are thrown out of college because of Monty. Their characters get stained to such an extent that they are unable to get admission in any other college. After growing up, the two are unable to do anything in their careers, again because of Monty. So, why would any sane person keep any ties with such a ‘friend’? And how come Sandy and Harry don’t have a single friend in the world apart from Monty?

– When your notorious friend, who has destroyed your life, offers to pay Rs30 crore to fund your film, chances are you won’t trust him. But Sandy and Harry aren’t ordinary beings. 

– Monty starts a business of illegal beer from Sandy and Harry’s college canteen. If you are wondering how this can be possible, let me point out that this is just the beginning. He goes many steps further and starts a full-fledged prostitution racket using bar dancers from inside the chemistry lab, which, for some strange reason, is open to students only two days a week. And you wonder how the college authorities don’t discover this racket for weeks.

– To see Anant Mahadevan enter the scene in a film of this nature gives you a pleasant feeling as well as a shock; both for obvious reasons. He is the only one who displays some acting talent.

– A chudail (witch) emerges in the plot out of nowhere. And later we are told the film tackles the issue of human organ trafficking. 

Lastly, you wonder how a project like this could get finance, since even big studios are facing a financial crisis.

Directors: Harish Kotian and Sandeep Chowdhury
Producers: Shree Rajlaxmi Entertainment
Writers: Harish Kotian and Sandeep Chowdhury
Cast: Ajaz Khan, Sahil Anand, Harsh Nagar, Anant Mahadevan, Shalu Singh
Music: Sumesh Himanshu, Raina Sawan, Sagar Sarkar and Vishnu Narayan
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 140 minutes