Cinestaan Curates: Kulsummante Perakutty reminds us not to judge a book by its cover

Release Date: 2021 / 22min

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Sukhpreet Kahlon

Love blossoms in the most unexpected places in Rini Salam’s short Malayalam-language film.

Rini Salam’s short Malayalam language film Kulsummante Perakutty [Kulsumma’s Granddaughter] explores the relationship between a grandmother and a granddaughter in a most unexpected yet endearing way.

Hana (Garggi Ananthan) is a rebellious young girl, who is irritated by her parents trying to rein her in. They admonish her for her modern ways, openly speaking about her boyfriend and being on Tinder. They wish that she was more like her pious grandmother from whom she inherited her good looks and her birthmark. Hana, on the other hand, could not care less but is aghast when her mother speaks of getting her married. “You love the guy your family chooses for you," explains her mother matter-of-factly.

The family comes to meet the grandmother who is suffering from Alzheimer’s and is on her death bed. During the short visit, Hana learns about her grandmother’s past and realizes that she had a history no one is aware of. Through this glimpse into her grandmother’s life, Hana learns about love in a very different way. 

Salam uses the grandmother’s illness as a device for her secret life to be revealed to her granddaughter. In the conservative, traditional society, Kulsumma’s secret could not be shared with anyone and it is only moments before her death that she can almost unknowingly unburden herself. The poignant story of the grandmother resonates with the young girl, who in the age of Tinder, realizes the yearning of unrequited love and the idea of romance.

Garggi Ananthan, who was fabulous in Run Kalyani (2019), gives another beautiful performance as the girl with a devil-may-care attitude and brings in the curiosity, affection and love for her grandmother. Although the short film is a bit predictable in parts, it is a heartwarming story.

Kulsummante Perakutty reminds us not to judge a book by its cover and that love can blossom in the most unexpected of places.

The film can be viewed on the YouTube channel Budget Lab.


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