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Kerry On Kutton Review: This is how you waste good performances

Release Date: 01 Jul 2016 / Rated: A / 02hr 01min

Keyur Seta

Debutant Ashok Yadav's film neither entertains nor succeeds in presenting a serious tale

With a title like Kerry On Kutton, you are bound to expect the film to be comic or, at least, a light-hearted affair. That isn’t exactly the case with this film by debutant director Ashok Yadav though. But even if you ignore this point, the film still doesn’t offer anything to take back, barring a few praiseworthy performances.  

The story takes place in Baliya in Uttar Pradesh. Kerry (Satyajeet Dubey) and Kadambari (Aditya Kumar) are the best of friends. Despite the age gap, there is a common thread that binds them: both are good-for-nothing. Kerry faces the wrath of his father for being jobless. As Kadambari keeps flunking in the ninth standard, his father wants him to join the family's wedding band, which he abhors. 

Both friends have different aims in life. Kadambari is desperate to enter the business of dog breeding. For this, he needs to steal a pure-bred puppy from one of the families in their town. Kerry has fallen head over heels in love with Jyoti (Aradhana Jagota), who has just broken-up with Suraj (Karan Mahavar) since he couldn’t buy a new mobile phone for her. Kerry decides to make the most of this opportunity and starts wooing Jyoti. 

The basic problem with Kerry On Kutton is the unclear genre. It starts off as a quirky rustic entertainer, but soon starts treading on the serious path, eventually falling neither here nor there. There is hardly any story development. You patiently wait for something substantial to happen, but in vain. When proceedings finally move forward in the ending moments, you wonder what exactly is the point of telling such a story. 

Few important characters are too dumb to be taken seriously. For example, both Kerry and Suraj are aware how Jyoti is only keen on using their money, yet they pretend to be unaware about it. Suraj’s father, a school teacher, hasn’t been paid since nine months, but continues working without any problem. Naturally, you can’t feel any connect with such characters. 

The songs, unfortunately, are neither noteworthy nor do they aid in storytelling. 

The performances offer some respite. Kumar, known for playing the famous Perpendicular in Gangs Of Wasseypur II, once again shows signs of his talent. He is the best of the lot. Dubey isn’t bad either. Jagota portrays the right meanness needed by her character. She is a debutant to watch out for. 

Mahavar, another debutant, shows promise in patches. A good performer like Deep Raj Rana is wasted. In the role of a helpless school teacher, Yashwant Singh is earnest. The actor playing Kadambari’s father too displays some serious acting talent. 

On the whole, Kerry On Kutton fails to either entertain or present a serious tale. With hardly any visibility, the film is bound to go unnoticed at the box-office too. 

Rating: 1.5/5 

Director: Ashok Yadav

Producers: Shashank Shekhar Singh

Writers: Himahshu Onkar Tripathi and Ashok Yadav

Cast: Aditya Kumar, Satyajeet Dubey, Aradhana Jagota, Karan Mahavar, Yashwant Singh

Music: Vayu Srivastava and R. H. S

Genre: Drama

Release date: 1 July 2016

Runtime: 125 minutes