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Cinestaan Curates: Folklore, myth and a love for stories come together in Kandittund!

Release Date: 2021 / 12min

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Sukhpreet Kahlon

Adithi Krishnadas’s animated film captures the fascinating personality of a man with a fertile imagination.

Every region in India has its own folk stories featuring ghosts and the supernatural, but it is the ability of the storyteller that really brings these stories alive. PNK Panicker, the father of Studio Eeksaurus founder and animator Suresh Eriyat, is one such person, whose love for storytelling enables him to offer explanations for the strangest, most bizarre things, bringing folklore alive. Kandittund! (Seen It!) is based on the stories by Panicker as interviewed by Eriyat.

The animated short begins with the narrator describing his father as a “jolly good fellow”. We learn about his love for the movies and folklore, which, combined with his vivid imagination, leads to unique stories to regale children with. Panicker describes the various ghosts that haunt the village, together with their unique characteristics.

The conversational style is matter-of-fact with Panicker describing the movement of the creatures, their specific time of activity, and even their fears!  Eenam-pechi, the one who steals fruits and haunts women; Arukola, which screams and howls at people; Kutti-Chathan which is invoked to wreak havoc upon one’s enemies are just some of the featured ghosts. Some characteristics of the ghosts are truly bizarre and bring forth the role of fantasy in folklore.

The monochrome animation beautifully evokes the ambience of village life in Kerala as well as the other worldliness of the ghosts. It enables the animator to meld humour within the stories and create a layered, engaging narrative which highlights the richness of the stories recounted by Panicker.

Kandittund! is animated by Adithi Krishnadas. The background music is by Nandhu Kartha and the sound design is by Resul Pookutty and Vijaykumar. The animated short won the Satoshi Kon award for Excellence in Animation at the Fantasia International Film Festival Awards 2021.


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