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K13 review: A solid meta thriller with ample surprises

Release Date: 03 May 2019 / Rated: U/A / 01hr 43min

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Karthik Kumar

K 13 hardly fumbles except for a needless, insignificant sub-plot featuring comedian Yogi Babu.

K13 is one of those thrillers that’s not flawless, but sure has some solid surprises to make up for its flaws. Unlike most thrillers, K13 doesn’t focus much on building the suspense, but instead plays out like a psychological drama for most part, only to deceive with a major twist in the tale. Director Barath Neelakantan makes an assured debut with a thriller that has ample surprises with a good meta connection.

The story is centered on an aspiring filmmaker Madhiazhagan (Arulnithi), whose life is turned upside down when he wakes up to find the girl, Malarvizhi (Shraddha), he met the previous night in a pub, lying in a chair with her wrist slit and bleeding to death.

As Madhi tries to make sense of the situation and figure out how Malarvizhi died, the suspense starts to unravel and the story oscillates between a mystery thriller and a psychological drama as the clues are put together.

K13 unfolds like a mystery novel where the writer finds himself in a life-threatening situation. Quite early on, we hear Madhiazhagan tell his friends that it’s the season of thrillers and producers are not ready to bet on any other genres. Therefore, when he finds himself in a situation that’s no less than a thriller movie, he draws inspiration from it. The meta angle makes a lot of sense as the story reaches its end and you genuinely start appreciating the director’s intention to keep the narrative really slow.

Arulnithi continues to pick and back unusual scripts and roles that not many mainstream heroes would want to take up. Not only does he accept these roles, he also does full justice with fitting performances. Shraddha Srinath shines in a very peculiar role and it’s refreshing to see her choose such a character.

K13 hardly fumbles except for a needless, insignificant sub-plot featuring comedian Yogi Babu. Otherwise, the film manages to impress with part slow-burning, part gripping narrative. Sam CS’s background, which sounds quite fresh, aids in elevating the tension in some crucial scenes apart from breathing life into the film. Barath Neelakantan is a filmmaker to watch out for and this is an assured debut.


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