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Jobless review: Poor execution mars this crime drama starring Suvrat Joshi

Release Date: 31 Aug 2021

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Keyur Seta

Though the performances of the main cast are good, they fail to redeem this poorly made Planet Marathi OTT web-series.

Planet Marathi’s seven-episode show Jobless marks the web debuts of director Niranjan Patki and actor Suvrat Joshi. Though the show is called Jobless, it’s not a socio-economic drama but more a crime thriller where life keeps becoming hell for the protagonist.

The story begins with Viraj Pathak (Joshi) living a contented life with wife Sayali (Swapnali Patil) and daughter Rajasi (Radha Dharne). He works in a bank in Phaltan. But all hell breaks loose when he sanctions a huge loan for corrupt builder Mule. A scam worth Rs100 crore gets exposed and Mule flees the city.

Viraj is arrested and his image goes for a toss. He gets ample support from Sayali and his best friend (Harish Dudhade). His college friend and lawyer Neelima (Mayuri Wagh) steps up to ensure he gets a clean chit from the court.

But while his case is going on, Viraj receives a letter from an unknown person asking him to commit a cruel crime for money. After much thought, he gives in to the temptation of earning a quick buck.

The positive aspects of Jobless are the basic storyline, despite the similarity with the episode titled When This Man Dies from the 1987 American television show Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and the performances by the main cast. Suvrat Joshi succeeds in displaying the frustration of a man going through a turbulent phase in his professional and personal life. Swapnali Patil is apt as his wife and support system.

Mayuri Wagh is impressive as the lawyer who is determined to defend her friend and client irrespective of what the world may say. Harish Dudhade is natural as a caring friend. Despite entering the show much later, Pushkar Shrotri, as a senior cop, leaves a mark with his unusual ways.

Unfortunately, these are the only positives in Jobless and they fail to compensate for the poor narrative and execution.

Using a flashback technique, especially in a crime drama, can be useful if it adds to the mystery. In this case, the writers, for some strange reason, reveal the entire plot in the initial portions of the first episode itself. There isn’t much left in the narrative thereafter. Hence, as the show progresses to its inevitable end, the narrative becomes drier.

Strangely, most of the important happenings in the story are not shown to the viewers. There is no clarity on how Viraj got entangled in the crime while the character of the builder Mule just vanishes with nobody bothered about him. The court case forms an important part of the storyline but there isn’t even a glimpse of a court scene.

Viraj commits a series of crimes, but we are shown only a couple of them. It is also a question mark how he gets away each time. The biggest flaw in this part is that nobody even mentions checking the CCTV footage.

You also can’t ignore the feel of a daily soap while watching this web-series, especially after the first few episodes. There are quite a few long pauses and an unpleasant background score used repeatedly. A few artistes playing supporting characters overdo their parts.

The makers will need to seriously raise their game in the second season.

Jobless is currently available on Planet Marathi OTT.


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