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Jarugandi review: Director Pichumani's film is a run-of-the-mill commercial entertainer

Release Date: 26 Oct 2018 / Rated: U / 02hr 16min

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Manigandan KR

Jarugandi is a regular run-of-the-mill commercial entertainer that has nothing unique to offer. 

Jarugandi is a regular run-of-the-mill commercial entertainer that has nothing unique to offer. The film, produced by actor Nithin Sathyaa, has way too many twists and turns that eventually tire you and make you wish that the film ends soon.

Sathya (Jai) and Paari (Daniel Annie Pope) are two friends who wish to start a travel agency called 'Jil Jil' travels. The middle-class youngsters don't have money to start the firm they have always wanted to own. Therefore, they try to get a loan from the banks which demand collateral if they have to sanction one. The friends have nothing that they can pledge, so they're denied a loan. Desperate for their seed capital, they begin to look for other avenues and meet a broker called Samuel (Ilavarasu), who promises to get them a loan from a bank but with forged papers.

Sathy and Paari are uncomfortable with the idea. They say that they have no intention of cheating people but Samuel convinces them saying that they will not have any problem if they repay the loan to the bank on time. He prepares documents that show the two friends as the owners of some land that belongs to somebody else. The plan succeeds and the loan gets sanctioned. The friends start their firm and life goes on peacefully for a while.

Then, the first problem arises. One day, a cop (Bose Venkat) calls on the two friends and threatens to initiate action against them for forgery. He demands a sum of Rs10 lakh if he has to ignore the crime. The friends have already invested all that they had in their business.

With no money to spare, they wonder what to do when lady luck smiles on them in the form of an illiterate, filthy rich, romeo called Gajendran. Now, Gajendran is madly in love with a girl called Keerthi (Reba Monica) and as fate would have it, he believes Keerthi is Paari's sister. He believes Keerthi is also madly in love with him and approaches the friends for help to unite with his girlfriend. The two agree to help in the hope that it will help them get into his good books, whereby they will be able to get him to lend them a sum of Rs10 lakh. They plan to use the cash to pay off the cop.

The friends decide to get Keerthi to meet Gajendran and for this, they devise a plan by which they can divert the attention of all those in her home, while she gets to meet Gajendran. However, unfortunately, just when the plan is being implemented, things go horribly wrong and they end up kidnapping the girl. Soon, they find that the problem is much more serious than just kidnapping. They realise that they have inadvertently taken on a big gang that is involved in trafficking of women. How the friends resolve the various issues and end up saving all those dear to them is what the film is all about.

Jarugandi is like any other commercial film with a lot of exaggerated, unrealistic sequences that get you exhausted. Several sequences defy logic and that only adds to the frustration. For instance, the climax fight in which Jai bashes up some 10 to 15 odd guys superior in physical strength, is just atrocious. One could go on but then, you get the point.

The film has some good acting performances. Jai as Sathya, Daniel Annie Pope as Paari come up with good performances as does Robo Shankar, who plays Gajendran. Bobo Sashi's music and RD Rajashekar's cinematography are just about okay. There isn't much to say about Jarugandi except that this is a film for those who want to watch an easy to understand, light-hearted commercial entertainer.

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