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Irumbu Thirai review: This drama exposing the cons of digitisation is a must watch!

Release Date: 11 May 2018 / Rated: U / 02hr 41min

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Manigandan KR

The film is a gripping, intense thriller that both educates and entertains its viewers.

Irumbu Thirai is a fascinating crime thriller that touches upon a topic that is hitherto not explored in Tamil cinema.

Director PS Mithran has come up with a brilliant plot, that derives its strength from sequences fashioned on real life instances. More importantly, it creates an awareness on darker side of the internet that majority of its users have no idea about. The film shows how vulnerable the common man is in this modern times and how little knowledge the agencies, responsible for the security of people, have.

Today, the theme is more relevant than ever with the ruling government's aim to go completely digital.

Irumbu Thirai, in a very entertaining way exposes the monster that accumulates all data on all indivduals without their knowledge and permission, how that data is bought and sold with high risk of it falling in wrong hands.

One of the interesting moments in the film is when an IT expert tells a common man that his mobile number is with around 30 lakh people at any given point in time, even if he has shared it with just 300.

Irumbu Thirai begins with a hawala deal in which an innocent IT expert, Gurumoorthy, is promised a sum of Rs5 lakh as commission for handing over a sum of Rs45 lakhs to an unidentified individual. However, the deal comes with a warning. If Gurumoorthy tries to play foul and keeps the entire sum for himself, his wife and child would be in danger.

Gurumoorthy agrees. A few hours later, Gurumoorthy's phone beeps and the man is pleased to learn that he has recieved Rs50 lakh in his bank account. However, within minutes of him getting this message, the money is being withdrawn from his account in parts. And before he realises it, the entire sum is gone. Gurumoorthy tries to explain to the dealers but they refuse to buy his story and threaten him with dire consequences if he does not pay up the entire amount. Left with no choice, he commits suicide.

Gurumoorthy's neighbour, a bar owner (Robo Shankar) has a nephew named Kathiravan (Vishal Karishna) a major in the Indian Army. Kathiravan's only problem is that he has a tough time controlling his temper. He dislikes borrowing money and nurtures one ambition — marry a foreigner and settle down abroad. Owing to his frequent angry outbursts, the army orders him to report to a psychiatrist for treatment.

Dr Rathi Devi (Samantha Ruth Prabhu) is given the unenvious task of treating Kathiravan, who, initially, is unwilling to cooperate in any way whatsoever. He believes that the entire process is just a formality and insists that Rathi Devi sign the required documents so that he can report back to work as soon as possible.

However, the doctor is a thorough professional and makes it clear that she will approve him rejoining his work only after she is convinced that Kathiravan has learnt to control his anger.

In the meantime, Kathiravan hatches his own plan to move out of the country. As soon as he learns that Rathi Devi has a sister who is a citizen of France, he plans to marry her. However, as time passes, he falls for Rathi Devi instead.

The doctor's treatment bears fruit and Kathiravan slowly begins to see reason and starts becomes a more considerate man. On Rathi Devi's insistence, he even goes back to his native place to meet his father (Delhi Ganesh) and sister, even though he is not in good terms with his father.

Kathiravan's sister is in love with another man in the village but the boy's mother demands a hefty dowry. Kathiravan tries to get a bank loan but nobody is ready to lend the army officer any money.

One day a man walks up to Kathiravan's father and offers to help get a loan using forged documents for a commission of 10%. Kathiravan initially refuses to go the illegal way but later agrees. The loan is sanctioned but within hours all the money dissapears from Kathiravan's father's account. With no clue as to who has made the withdrawals, Kathiravan has no idea where to look for it. However, he is not the one to give up and decides to get to the bottom of this scam. What he finds rattles not just him, but the audiences as well.

The film reveals how unscrupulous criminals, armed with advanced technology, monitor all the activities of your life without your knowledge. It shows how something as simple and personal as a mobile phone can be used by cyber-criminals to monitor one's life, killing his/her privacy. Simply put, the film presents a facet of technology that the 'digital' government refuses to acknowledge evens exists.

Vishal as Kathiravan impresses in the action and emotional sequences and is a perfect cast. Samantha Ruth Prabhu, as Dr Rathi Devi, comes up with a sterling performance. She plays a mature, charming, patient, empathetic doctor and each of her expressions is measured. Robo Shankar and Delhi Ganesh, too, have fared decently.

George C Williams has done some great work with his camera. The sequences in Kathiravan's village after his return are shot very aesthetically. The lighting and the colour of every single element in the frame is just perfect.

The film is a gripping, intense thriller that both educates and entertains its viewers. In short, Irumbu Thirai is a must watch!

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