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Indrajith review: An action-adventure you can easily miss

Release Date: 24 Nov 2017 / Rated: U / 01hr 56min

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Manigandan KR

With weak plot, unnecessary characters and graphics, Indrajith fails the mission miserably.

Indrajith is supposed to be an action-adventure but it eventually comes across as being a fantasy film, more suitable for kids, if I may add. 

The story is simple. Mayilvahanan (Sachin Khedekar), an expert archealogist and a professor, discovers that his ancestor, an astronomer and a mathematician himself, had seen an astronomical piece from the sun falling on the earth almost a century ago. The mathematician computes the location where it would have fallen and leaves clues to get there. He also mentions that the speciality of this piece is that it has medicinal properties that can cure any illness. 

Mayilvahanan makes it his mission to recover this healing astronomical stone and intends to do this with the funding provided by his neighbour Professor Ravi.

Ravi wants his nephew Indrajith (Gautham Karthik), a street-smart and happy-go-lucky person, to join Mayilvahanan's team as an intern.

Indrajith does as per his uncle's wish but soon finds that the professor is wary of the head of the Archealogical Survey of India's Goa centre, Kapil Sharma (Sudhanshu Pandey). Mayilavahanan claims Kapil intends to sell off the precious piece to foreigners. 

Soon, Mayilvahanan and his team of four assistants, including Indrajith, begin their hunt for the stone. But Kapil is not far behind with a spy in the team.

Who will get to the stone first? Will it cure illnesses as was claimed by the ancestor? The film answers these questions and more.

Directed by Kalaa Prabu and produced by the director's dad, Kalaippuli S Thanu, the film has several sequences that are outright rip offs of several English films, starting from the Indiana Jones series to Congo.

Despite copying scenes from famous English films, Indrajith is unable to engage audiences. A half baked plot, several unnecessary characters and the use of some unconvincing computer graphics all make Indrajith, a comedy more than a thriller or an action-adventure.

Take for instance, the characters of both the leading ladies Ashrita Shetty and Sonarika Bhadoria. Their roles are confusing, superficial and totally irrelevant to the plot. In fact, we realize that one of them is a heroine only in the last scene when she expresses her love for the hero.

Then, there is the case of Happy, the dog. That the dog occasionally turns into an animated object as it has been generated by Computer Graphics, is a bit too much to digest. Again, something totally unnecessary to the plot. 

The film has nothing substantial except cinematographer Rasa Mathi's beautiful shots of Arunachal and the north east. That is the only saving grace in this film.

On the whole, Indrajith fails the mission miserably.