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Grey review: A cold and tense thriller 

Release Date: 22 Jan 2020

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Suparna Thombare

Priya Aven's 15-minute film unfolds in the form of a tense conversation between an autistic man and a cop.

 Grey is a 15-minute film that unfolds in the form of a tense conversation between an autistic man, Vilky (Abhiroop) and a cop (Brijendra Kala), with a parrot and a cat, playing important roles in the narrative.

Vilky's wife has been murdered the night before and a cop comes visiting. The conversation begins as an interrogation, but slowly moves towards investigating the role of a third person in the crime.

Abhiroop gets the body language of an autistic person right - the restlessness, repetition of words, refusal to make eye contact etc, but his performance doesn't connect, especially because of the exaggerated dialogue delivery. And that largely affects the narrative, which relies heavily on how the audience engages with this character.

Priya Aven's writing and direction is cold, with a shocking end. The background score surely aids in creating an atmosphere of imminent danger.

Despite a few loopholes in the premise itself, and some unflattering camera angles, Aven succeeds in creating enough tense moments and twists to keep you hooked till the end.

Grey is available on video-on-demand platform VOOT.


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