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Glitch review: A unique device for time-travel, but not in terms of story-telling 

Release Date: 15 Feb 2019 / 15min

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Suparna Thombare

Shubham Yogi's film follows a young boy as he discovers that he can go back in time to change the crucial events of the day.

Glitch is a short thriller that uses an unusual device as the means to facilitate time travel. 

Directed by Shubham Yogi, Glitch follows 12-year-old Karan (Kabir Sajid), who returns from cricket practice to discover that a tap in his bathroom can take him back in time.

As he goes back in time, he learns why the house was empty when he entered.

Realizing that the tap can not only take him back in time but also help him to alter the outcomes of crucial moments, he travels back several times over to resolve a fight between his parents (Mona Singh and Faizal Rashid) over a lost ring that could have dangerous consequences.

Kabir Sajid, previously seen in Secret Superstar (2017) and Andhadhun (2018), is such an endearing young actor that he holds your attention throughout. 

The screenplay is crisp and engaging. The extended scenes, with the camera almost intrusively following the characters, especially Karan, from whose perspective we see the story unfold, add to the sense of anticipation.

But we have seen several short and feature films with the time-travel theme in the past and Glitch doesn't have anything unique to offer in terms of storyline or concept.

Except for the fact that the actual device used to travel through time is rather unusual, Glitch, produced by Tipping Point, a Viacom18 Motion Pictures Production, is a simplistically written film in the thriller/sci-fi genre.

Glitch is available on video-on-demand platform VOOT.

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