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Food review: An unusual short steeped in symbolism

Release Date: 17 Sep 2021

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Dwijiri B Basumatary

Anvay Shinde’s film without dialogues portrays sexual predators and their hunger for prey.

Directed by Anvay Shinde, the four-minute short film Food examines the symbolic connotations of food in a disturbing, heinous context, questioning what satiates the hunger of sexual predators.

We see a man consuming some street food, licking his fingers and chewing the food by the roadside. Suddenly, he stops eating and stares menacingly at someone, or something, out of the frame. The two men standing beside him and eating do the same. What follows is a shot of a girl in school uniform playfully walking down the busy road. The look is enough to signify their intentions.

Without any dialogues, and in a short span of time, the film portrays predators for whom a person is just prey, to be devoured greedily, just like a plate of food.

The sound design stands out as we hear layers upon layers of descriptive sounds, whether it is of the honking of vehicles on the busy road or the sound of the ball every time it lands in the girl's hands. The sounds of eating become lush to the point of being overbearing, emphasizing the act of consumption. 

The unnerving film drives home its symbolism with the ordinariness of the act and its perpetrators.

Food is available on YouTube.


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