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Cutting (Season 2) review: Reverses the charm and setting of the first season

Release Date: 27 May 2022

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Sonal Pandya

The hairstylist siblings Sunny and Bobby get an unwelcome upgrade that makes us yearn for the simplicity of the first season of the OHO Gujarati web-series.

The second season of the OHO Gujarati web-series Cutting leaves the humble origins of Ahmedabad’s Perfect Look Salon behind. Siblings Sunny (Mayur Chauhan aka Michael) and Bobby (Hemang Shah) decide to part ways with the family business and tie up with flashy entrepreneur Jack Patel (Satchit Puranik).

Pretty soon, they ditch their saloon and become a salon as they move to upgraded digs with Jack’s Perfect Look Salon. It’s no coincidence that for this second outing, the makers have partnered with the Bombay Shaving Company as a sponsor.

Cutting (Season 1) review: Charming comedy about the inner workings of a local men’s salon

The things that made the styling of the old-fashioned barbershop charming and funny have been replaced with the brothers’ awkward transitioning to salon life, complete with English fumblings and messing up customer interactions by incorporating and selling them said products.

In the first season, the brothers, especially Sunny, were like non-judgemental counsellors to those who walked in through their doors. Each episode allowed both parties to learn something about themselves. This time around, the customer-client interactions are sorely lacking, and the series comes off as an elongated advertisement for hair and skin care products instead.

There is also a love interest for Sunny with the smart and savvy Palak (Yukti Randeria) who helps them settle into salon life. The five-episode series, written by Abhinav Vaidya, has a definite dip as both Sunny and Bobby have lost their groove. Unfortunately, the jokes also feel flat; there are only so many digs one can take at green tea and its so-called benefits.

Chauhan and Shah have a natural chemistry as the hairstylist siblings and I wish they had more to do this time around. Puranik is good as their partner who is constantly thinking about the business and image over all. But with little interaction with other characters, the second season feels like it’s missing the heart and appeal of the first.

With a third season already announced, it is clear that the brothers will seek to restore the balance by going back to what they know best. I look forward to them going back to their origins; it’s best we forget this misstep.

Cutting (Season 2) is now streaming on OHO Gujarati.


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