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Cinestaan Curates: Cuddly is an endearing ode to the unwavering love of mothers

Release Date: 09 May 2015 / 16min

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Sukhpreet Kahlon

Directed by Karan Shetty, the five-minute short film captures the nuances of a mother-daughter relationship.

No matter how annoying our mothers can be at some points, we cannot do without them and their characteristic traits! Karan Shetty’s short film Cuddly captures the nuances in a mother-daughter relationship, juxtaposing it with contemporary material culture.

Cuddly traces the events that unfold one evening between a mother (Neena Kulkarni) and her daughter (Shweta Vyas).

One night, the daughter, who is part of a marketing team, is busy working on a product on her laptop. Concerned about her daughter’s late hours, the mother offers her some solutions but she is completely out of touch with reality.

The daughter is working on products that ensure the greatest comfort for babies. Unable to understand such newfangled products with elaborate features, the mother talks of simpler times and parenting, where kids seemed to do just fine without plush, fancy-sounding products.

In the span of five minutes, there are small ways in which the nuances of the relationship between the two are captured. The mother wishes to spend time with her child and finds ways of being involved. The scene where they argue about eating dinner is typical of almost every household. After much back and forth, the daughter’s resistance gives way to the mother’s persistence as she ultimately gives in to eat her dinner quietly. After all, who can win an argument about food with their mother! Kulkarni and Vyas keep the momentum through their banter, making it an engaging slice of life.

Women’s Day is celebrated in the month of March and this film is a beautiful way of appreciating mothers and their unconditional love for their children. They may not always understand us but they are ultimately our biggest strength and unwavering cheerleaders.

Cuddly is part of Terribly Tiny Tales and was nominated for the Filmfare Short Film Awards. Watch the film here:

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