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Chacha and Cheetah's trip review: A trippy joyride that blows your senses

Release Date: 08 Feb 2019 / 19min

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Mayur Lookhar

The film is penned and helmed by Yatarth Awasthi.

The Edward Scissorhands of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) in India make it difficult for filmmakers to produce edgy content for theatrical release. So the uncensored digital world becomes a solid platform for bold filmmakers.

Filmmaker-producer Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra takes you on a trippy journey with the short film Chacha and Cheetah's Trip. The film is penned and helmed by Yatarth Awasthi.

High on hash, but low on food Chacha (Ayush Saini) and Cheetah (Niteesh Wadhwa) step out for a quick bite. The duo end up on a late night journey from Versova to the Worli Seaface.  

The film begins with the message: "Reality is an illusion caused due to lack of weed".  

Is Awasthi encouraging the use of marijuana? Maybe. Thankfully, the visuals are not ruined by the 'smoking kills' disclaimers. More than the marijuana, it is the crazy events of the night that makes Chacha and Cheetah's Trip enjoyable.

Chacha and Cheetah epitomise the lives of migrant men in India. Chacha has this nerdy look to him, while Cheetah comes across as one harbouring celluloid dreams. What's common to them though is their dreams. They are the quintessential struggling immigrants who believe in living life in the moment.

Awasthi packs his short film with an engaging screenplay and quirky dialogues. The culminating rap by Babu Haabi sums up the mood and essence of the film.

Saini and Wadhwa are very competent in their acts, but it is actor Vijay Maurya who leaves a lasting impression. Babloo Escobar (Maurya) is a funky weed trader, who even has a talking computer software in his  den. The desi Pablo Escobar comes up with a nice pun Mari–ju-wana-hai. Babloo Escobar is a pure delight.

The only pity is that this is a short film and you wish to see more of Chacha and Cheetah's Trip. We’re game for another trippy night of revelry and illusion.

Chacha and Cheetah's Trip is available on digital platform Voot.


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