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Call Him Eddy review: A loquacious exploration of the comfort of the human touch 

Release Date: 20 Aug 2020 / 21min

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Sukhpreet Kahlon

Directed by Sanjeev Vig, the short film starring Sanjay Suri, delves into the psychology of human touch.

“We are so busy living our lives that we forget the basic human touch”, says Eddy, a professional cuddler, who offers people comfort through touch, in the short film Call Him Eddy. 

Edith D’Souza or Eddy (Sanjay Suri) is a warm, genial, non-judgemental person, who reaches out to people through his unique profession, which he, in many ways, regards as a service. His clients are people who want some affection and are willing to pay to get it. A journalist, Riya (Eisha Chopra), decides to interview him and know more about this profession that seems to baffle her at first. In the beginning she is awkward and asks the usual questions, trying to find out as much as possible but is surprised at her response. 

Like most people in urban centres, Eddy was leading a regular city life, fuelled by ambition and the pursuit of material comforts. But then, a change took place and he was forced to reflect and concentrate on what really brought him happiness. Riya, too, does not know what is missing till she confronts her feelings. Her emotional response seems a bit abrupt even though Chopra’s performance carries one through it. 

Directed by Sanjeev Vig, the short film delves into the psychology of human touch, examining the ways in which we have moved away from each other, leading disconnected lives that eventually, exact a heavy toll. Our increasingly digital lives have exacerbated this severely, leaving us emotionally bereft.

The theme is especially pertinent in the current context as it’s going to be a while before we go back to shaking hands with each other or hugging our loved ones post the pandemic. However, the verbose film comes across as being preachy in tone as there is a bit of lecturing going on as the film makes evident the loneliness of our lives amidst the hustle-bustle of everyday living. 

A publicity campaign based around the theme of the film was undertaken prior to its release, where people were asked to share images of moments when they felt comforted by people or objects in their lives.

The film is part of Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films and was released on YouTube.

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