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Beautiful Billo review: Middling situational comedy with underwhelming performances

Release Date: 24 Apr 2020 / 02hr 11min

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Sukhpreet Kahlon

The Zee5 release stars Neeru Bajwa, Rubina Bajwa and Roshan Prince

Directed by Santosh Subhash Thite and Amrit Raj Chadha, the Zee5 original Punjabi film Beautiful Billo (2022) is a situational comedy drama starring Neeru Bajwa, Roshan Prince and Rubina Bajwa

Navi (Roshan Prince) and Sonika (Rubina Bajwa) are a newly married couple who move into their home in England. She is fed up with his family and is quite the terror for her husband.

Billo (Neeru Bajwa) is a pregnant woman whose husband is away in Scotland to arrange papers for their permanent residence in England. She has no place to go and ends up living under the radar with Navi and Sonika.

Billo makes one excuse after another in order to keep staying at their home. To add to the drama, Billo is an illegal immigrant and cannot reveal her true identity to anyone. When Navi’s family comes to stay with him, they all take to her and she ends up spinning a few more yarns to ensure that she stays on. 

Meanwhile, Sonika does not know the truth and thinks that her husband is having an affair with Billo. A series of misunderstandings take place and Billo has to go to great lengths to keep up the facade.

The situational comedy relies on gaffes and one-liners to create the humour. The constant deception takes the story forward but it all becomes quite tiresome. The performances are just average and Neeru Bajwa is the one holding this film together.

The production values too are nothing to write home about. One would think that a film about a pregnant woman all alone as an illegal immigrant in England would engage us emotionally but the film stays at a surface level and fails to provide the depth for emotional engagement.

Ultimately, Beautiful Billo is just another film in the line of unremarkable Punjabi-language comedy films.

Beautiful Billo is now streaming on Zee5.


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