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Bayama Irruku review: Director Jawahar's debut film a fear-inducing, fun-filled entertainer

Release Date: 22 Sep 2017

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Manigandan KR

This horror-comedy with no big stars is actually the best Tamil entertainer to hit screens this week!

Bayama Irukku is a good horror comedy that has quite a number of impressive performances. It is an exceptionally well told film, which, at no point, gives away the fact that the director is a debutant.

The film begins with Jai (Santosh) going in search of his wife Lekha's (Rashmi Menon) parents in Sri Lanka. Lekha, who is in her final stages of pregnancy, is alone in their home in Maarthandam, awaiting his return.

Jai, who hopes to return early to be by his wife's side, is in for a rude shock in the island nation as he is captured by the Sri Lankan Army, which holds him captive for four long months. He does not succeed in his mission of finding his wife's parents but ends up rescuing four Indians — Jagan, Jeeva, Bharani and Motta Rajendran from the Sri Lankan Army. They become friends and accompany Jai back to his home in Maarthandam. It is here that the plot thickens.

When Jai returns home, he is overjoyed to meet his wife and his newborn child. However, the friends find that all is not well. There are sinister creatures lurking around the corner and Jai's wife looks more than just human.

After a long time, this is a good horror comedy that actually works. The film has no big names but every single artiste does his or her job to perfection, thereby delivering a product that is very much entertaining.

Rashmi, who is being seen on screen after a long time, is very measured in her acting. It is a pleasure to watch her deliver this commendable performance that is just about right for the film. Jagan as one of the four friends is the next most impressive actor in the list. His punch lines are swift and sharp and needless to say, evoke laughter. 

Mottai Rajendran, whose performances were getting predictable in recent times, comes up with a reasonably good effort in this one. In some sequences, the actor just repeats what he has done in other films. These annoy viewers. But in certain other sequences, he is genuinely funny. Actors Bharani and Jeeva don't have big roles to play in the film but they play their parts well.

Kovai Sarala, who is known to overact, for a change delivers a neat performance which works in favour of the film. The comedy sequences involving her, the four friends and the pair, Jai and Lekha, are a laugh riot. Full marks to her for her effort to play this role to perfection in this film.

Bayama Irukku is primarily what it is because of three technicians. First, among these is the music director Sathya, whose music is just apt for this horror comedy. His background score helps director Jawahar do exactly what he intends to do — be it inducing fear in some sequences or be it making audiences roar with laughter in certain others. His romantic numbers, too, are catchy and come across as a big plus.

Next in line for praise is cameraman Mahendran, whose shots make one forget that we are actually watching a film. The shots, with their exceptionally good lighting, are so good that one gets involved in the story.

Art director AK Muthu, too, deserves a pat on the back for the locations and the sets he has erected for the film. His sets have actually set the mood for the film. The choice of the house in Marthaandam, the manner in which it is constructed, its location and many more such factors have all helped director Jawahar considerbly, who has no problems making us believe that the place is really haunted.

Finally, director P Jawahar needs to take a bow for having been able to tell in a crisp and entertaining fashion, a tale that is full of terror, comedy and romance. This young director is a name to watch out for in the future as well.