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Aun review: Intriguing short film about two completely diverse individuals

Release Date: 15 Feb 2019 / 12min

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Keyur Seta

The story is about a strange bond between an urban photographer and a tribal man. 

All humans are created equal. But there can be a wide gap between two humans due to their way of living, sometimes to such an extent that it becomes difficult to believe they are the same species. Same is the case with the two characters in director TS Prasanna’s short film, Aun.

A city-based, modern photographer (Sumanth Gowda KS) lands up in a jungle to shoot. He comes across a tribal man (N Allies Nigen) and tries to click him. The tribal resists, and threatens to kill him with his arrow if he tries shoot him again.

Soon enough, the tribal gains interest in the photographer and starts following him in the jungle. A strange and unspoken bond develops between both of them as the photographer is set to camp in the jungle for the night.

It is always interesting to witness two people from diverse backgrounds, like a casually dressed photographer and almost naked tribal man trying to understand each other. Aun is a silent movie because it is impossible for them to know a common language.

But the absence of dialogue doesn’t take away the intriguing factor because of the utter realism on display. The sound design takes care of the jungle sounds, especially the flowing river and crickets.

N Allies Nigen does not seem to be an actor, but an actual tribal. This lends authenticity to the film. Sumanth Gowda KS is not only perfect as an urban dweller, but is also comfortable with a DSLR camera.

Aun, in its own creative way, has a defining moment in the end, which manages to speak a lot without the use of any words.

Aun is available on video-on-demand platform VOOT.

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