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Aani Kay Hava? (Season 3) review: Still simple, funny and relatable

Release Date: 06 Aug 2021

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Suyog Zore

Real-life couple Umesh Kamat and Priya Bapat impress yet again with their chemistry and performances.

Jui (Priya Bapat) and Saket (Umesh Kamat) are back with their sweet banter in the third season of Aani Kay Hava? their popular and much-awaited web-series. And, just like its predecessors, the season is simple, relatable and funny. Okay, correction, maybe not as funny as the previous seasons, but still way funnier than the supposedly hilarious comedy films this reviewer has seen this year.

Aani Kay Hava? is among the cleanest and funniest recent comedies, and writer-director Varun Narvekar still manages to find humour even in the most mundane things. Although the general tone remains light, certain episodes are more sombre.

Jui and Saket have completed five years of marriage and, naturally, they have lost some of the enthusiasm and excitement they had when they were newly married. Narvekar highlights this by toning down the comical aspect in certain episodes.

From finding a hobby to dealing with work frustration, struggling to come up with an interesting topic to discuss or dealing with Jui's mood swings during her periods, in this season too the couple deals with different issues in each episode.

Other characters make appearances in different episodes, and the humour, in that sense, gets more external but still remains as funny. We have seen many comedy shows on marital relationships and despite some unavoidable clichéd moments, Narvekar's writing keeps things refreshing. He keeps things simple and real without compromising on the fun slice-of-life aspect of the show.

In the end, however, it's Kamat and Bapat's show. Their on-screen chemistry is exceptional and they complement each other well. Kamat has displayed his comic timing in his films and television shows but Bapat is a surprise package, as she excels in both comic and serious scenes.

Excellent production values and locations add to the viewing experience. The only drawback is that in order to give emotional heft to the characters and make the series more realistic, Narvekar sometimes has compromised on the comedy which was the show's USP. This is the weakest season of the series, but it's still far better than many other so-called comedy shows.

Simple, funny, and relatable, Aani Kay Hava? (Season 3) is the perfect binge-watch material to drive away your blues.

Aani Kay Hava? (Season 3) is being streamed on MX Player.


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