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110 review: Kavin Dave excels in this light-hearted show about an RJ

Release Date: 01 Oct 2021

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Keyur Seta

The four-episode show has a smooth narrative arc with regular doses of humour even while keeping the scenes realistic.

Indian society may have progressed, but life is still tough for those who don’t fit in — with the crowd or with the societal definition of ‘normal’. Such is the protagonist in OHO Gujarati’s latest web-series, 110.

Falgun (Kavin Dave) is a young man living with his parents in Ahmedabad. He isn’t a ‘normal’ guy: he quit a job with great potential to rise in a big company to pursue his dream of becoming a radio jockey (RJ).

However, Falgun lands the job of 'assistant producer' to an RJ on the 94.3 My FM channel. There isn’t much difference between his job profile and that of an office boy. He literally does odd jobs in the hope of getting behind the mic someday.

On top of that, his weight — 110 kilograms — plays a hindrance in his personal life. He has never had a girlfriend. People around him have nicknamed him fugga, which translates to 'balloon'. In such a hopeless situation, Falgun finally gets the chance to be an RJ. But life isn’t smooth even after this.

110 may have been promoted as a show about a struggling RJ, but it's much more than just that. The show is about the protagonist’s struggle to lead a 'normal' life like others. His dream of becoming an RJ is seen only in the initial portions.

Created by November Films and written by Abhivan Vaidya, 110 doesn’t follow the typical format of a web-series where one finds regular turns in the story with a dramatic twist (if not a cliffhanger) at the end of each episode. In fact, instead of the story, the show is more about the screenplay and its treatment. It’s very much on the lines of OHO Gujarati’s OK Boss (2021), although that was a completely different subject.

The four-episode show has a smooth narrative with regular doses of humour. The makers have achieved this despite keeping the scenes at the radio station quite realistic. The same is the case at Falgun’s residence with the moments involving his father and mother. The family drama angle in the last episode does threaten to take the narrative down the daily soap route, but that remains just a threat. The show ends on a heartwarming note.

Almost the entire show takes place indoors, but it still boasts of creative camerawork. The makers also don’t go overboard with the background score, using it only when needed.

Playing the lead character, Kavin Dave had his task cut out and he seems to have understood this well. His talent shines through the different shades of the protagonist. His emotional outburst is the highlight of his act.

The role of radio-station head was tailor-made for someone like Jay Upadhyay. He plays an arrogant boss yet does not appear as the villain. 

Vaibhavi Bhatt, who plays Falgun’s mother, is perfect for the role of a cunning woman. Rajan Thaker and Sanjay Bhatia also excel in their respective roles as Falgun’s best friend and father. Brinda Trivedi appears late in the show but makes her mark in an important role. It wouldn’t have harmed the show if she had just one additional scene with Dave to establish their love story properly.

110 is a well-made show about a youngster that is fit for family viewing. The makers have given no indication of a follow-up season, however.

110 is now available on OHO Gujarati.


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