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25 years of Rangeela: AR Rahman, jazz, classical and the magic of a score that elevated cinema

AR Rahman's score was one of the highlights of Ram Gopal Varma's tribute to Hindi cinema, of...

08 Sep 2020 23:04 IST — Shriram Iyengar

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Remembering Mohammed Rafi, the voice for all seasons: Anniversary special

On Rafi's 40th death anniversary, his youngest son, Shahid Rafi, shares memories of his father...

31 Jul 2020 11:33 IST — Sukhpreet Kahlon

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65 years of Uran Khatola: Fantastical romance remembered for its timeless melodies

The musical hit marked yet another collaboration between SU Sunny and Dilip Kumar and remains etched...

13 May 2020 18:33 IST — Sukhpreet Kahlon

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Veteran film historian and cricket journalist Raju Bharatan dies at 86

Raju Bharatan was known among cinephiles for his intricate books on the late composer Naushad and...

07 Feb 2020 19:35 IST — Our Correspondent

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The storied career of filmmaker AR Kardar – Death anniversary special

On Abdul Rashid Kardar's 29th death anniversary, a look at his long career in which he tried his...

22 Nov 2018 8:00 IST — Sonal Pandya

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Revisiting Aadmi: Dilip Kumar’s riveting exploration of the human psyche

On its 50th anniversary today (the film was released on 26 July 1968), we take a look at this unique...

26 Jul 2018 13:00 IST — Sukhpreet Kahlon

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Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, the only one who could be Tansen's voice for Mughal-e-Azam

On the 50th death anniversary of one of the greatest Hindustani classical vocalists of all time (he...

24 Apr 2018 2:33 IST — Roushni Sarkar

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Shamshad Begum’s triumphant comeback with Naushad in Mother India

The song ‘Pi Ke Ghar Aaj Pyari Dulhaniya Chali’ is a terrific example of the power of...

23 Apr 2018 6:00 IST — Sonal Pandya

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The mentor-assistant relationship of Naushad and Ghulam Mohd – Death anniversary special

On the National award-winning composer’s 50th death anniversary, a look at his working with...

17 Mar 2018 8:00 IST — Sonal Pandya

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My father and Mohammed Rafi had a pact never to sing together, says Mahendra Kapoor's son Ruhan

On his father's 84th birth anniversary (9 January), Ruhan Mahendra Kapoor remembers the and and...

09 Jan 2018 13:04 IST — Keyur Seta

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How Shakeel Badayuni-Naushad made the most impressive team in Hindi film music

Shakeel Badayuni was a lyricist with an innate understanding of music and Naushad a composer with a...

03 Aug 2017 10:00 IST — Shriram Iyengar

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Revisiting Babul: When Dilip Kumar was caught between Nargis and Munawar Sultana

One of the first films to create Dilip Kumar’s image as the ill-fated lover, SU Sunny's We...

11 Jul 2017 11:31 IST — Sukhpreet Kahlon

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Remembering the music legend V Balsara

For his 95th birth anniversary today (22 June), a look at the man who moved from Mumbai to Kolkata...

22 Jun 2017 8:00 IST — Sonal Pandya

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10 timeless classics by the singing star, Suraiya

On her 88th birth anniversary, we look at some of Suraiya's notable songs from the 1940s to the...

15 Jun 2017 9:00 IST — Sonal Pandya

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Meet the masterful Vijay Bhatt — birth anniversary special

On the prolific producer-director’s 110th birth anniversary (12 May), we revisit, along with...

12 May 2017 8:00 IST — Sonal Pandya

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Dhwani – Naushad's only tryst with Malayalam cinema

Naushad Ali reigned supreme in Hindi cine music for over five decades. In 1988, he composed music of...

05 May 2017 9:00 IST — Shriram Iyengar


K Asif's obsession forced Bade Ghulam Ali to sing for a Hindi film

The director who wouldn't take no for an answer faced an immovable mountain in the venerable the...

02 Apr 2017 10:30 IST — Shriram Iyengar


When Filmfare was known as the Clare awards

The first awards ceremony recognized only five winners and was a relatively small affair....

21 Mar 2017 10:00 IST — Sonal Pandya


10 unforgettable songs by the great Naushad

Among the greatest composers in Hindi cinema, Naushad Ali reigned over the billboards for a magical...

26 Dec 2016 14:50 IST — Shriram Iyengar

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5 instances of Naushad's creative genius

On the legendary music composer’s 97th birth anniversary, we examine five soundtracks in which...

26 Dec 2016 12:04 IST — Sonal Pandya